10 Breathtaking Low Cost Countries You Will Never Want to Leave


Portugal is a country with a laidback Mediterranean vibe, just like Italy, but less crowded and expensive. The climate is pleasant and the Atlantic coast is full of white sand beaches. The two biggest cities, Lisbon and Porto, offer all the necessary amenities, with the opportunity for a couple to live for about $1,700 in a small city, while in Lisbon the cost is around $2,200 per month. However, Portugal is still cheaper than many other countries.


Malta is a perfect destination for people who want to live on a small island that is rich in history and beachside activities. The Mediterranean Sea surrounds the two islands that make up Malta, with plenty of tourists from all over the world. The cities are old and beautiful, with over 7,000 years of history and incredible architecture. The buildings are made of stunning yellow stone and have summer temperatures year-round. In the lively center of Sliema, it is possible to rent a two-bedroom apartment for $800 per month, while the countryside is even cheaper. A couple can comfortably live with $2,700 per month.


Malaysia has a mix of Southeast Asian cultures, cuisines, and languages. The local markets are bustling with fresh produce and exotic fruits, with a high quality of life and healthcare system that attracts many expats. The people are friendly, public transit is excellent, and the cities are clean with great architectural designs. Malaysia is among the top ten Asian countries that have the fastest Internet, which is perfect for freelancers. It costs about $1,200 for a loner in Kuala Lumpur and around $1,000 in Petaling Jaya.


Spain may not be the cheapest European country for an extended stay, but it is still cheaper than England and France. Spanish cuisine is world-famous and offers a great variety of tastes, with local wine that can be turned into a fruity Sangria drink to cool down during the hot afternoons. Madrid and Barcelona are famous for Gaudi’s architecture and street art, with the opportunity to ski in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In Valencia, a big city, a couple will need around $2,200 per month, while in the smaller countryside the cost will be lower at $1,900.


Nicaragua is a country that has been overshadowed by Costa Rica and Panama as it has been less popular among tourists. However, it is becoming more popular with its beautiful Grenada, surfing in San Juan del Sur, and elegant architecture in “new” Leon. Tourists can enjoy quality Caribbean vacations on the Corn Islands or go volcano boarding on the young active volcano, Cerro Negro. A couple will need to spend around $1,500 per month.


Colombia is a country that has been making efforts to rebrand and become attractive to both tourists and locals. With its diverse nature, it offers many natural parks like the Katios Nature National Park or the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Natural Park. The country also has good internet, cheap restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. Apartments in the city range from $500 to $1,200 per month.


Ecuador is the perfect country to experience a perfect climate. This South American country has everything from misty mountains to clean beaches with azure waters. It is known for its amazing healthcare and good infrastructure, while the nature is diverse and can be explored for weeks. The Galapagos Islands, Equator, and Cotopaxi Volcano are just a few of the beautiful places to visit. A couple will need around $1,500 per month to live comfortably in Ecuador.


Thailand has been a favourite destination for travellers and expats for many years, and for good reason. This country is affordable, has an excellent infrastructure, friendly locals, delicious food, and gorgeous beaches. You can spend your days on the islands of Phuket or Koh Samui, or explore the buzzing city of Bangkok, full of life and vibrant energy.

The cost of living in Thailand is very reasonable, with a couple being able to live comfortably on around $1,200 per month. In Chiang Mai, a popular city in the north of Thailand, you can find a comfortable one-bedroom apartment for as little as $300 per month. Overall, Thailand is a great place to live for those seeking a balance between affordability and quality of life.


Mexico is a vast and diverse country, with a rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes. From the colonial architecture of Mexico City to the turquoise waters of Cancun, there’s something for everyone here. The country also boasts a warm climate, with plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Mexico is also an affordable place to live. A couple can live comfortably on around $1,500 per month, with the cost of living being especially low in smaller towns and villages. The healthcare system is also of a high standard, with many expats choosing to retire here for this reason alone.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise for nature lovers, with stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and incredible wildlife. The country is also known for its eco-friendliness, with a commitment to sustainability that’s evident everywhere you go. Whether you’re surfing on the Pacific coast, hiking in the cloud forests, or exploring the vibrant capital of San Jose, there’s always something new to discover here.

The cost of living in Costa Rica is higher than some of the other countries on this list, but still affordable for many. A couple can live comfortably on around $2,000 per month, with the cost of living being higher in the capital city. However, the high quality of life and natural beauty of Costa Rica make it a popular destination for expats and retirees looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.