10 home decor influencers to follow on Instagram

    THey they say the way you design your home reflects your personality, and has the ability to influence your mood.

    But decorating a home can take a lot of time and effort. From getting the right color scheme to finding the right pieces and furniture and organizing the perfect plant warehouse, there are a lot of details to consider.

    To make things easier, we have curated a list of home decor bloggers and designers on Instagram that will surely inspire you to try something new:

    1. Sonakshi

    Sonakshi, a banker turned interior designer, decorates spaces with thoughtful DIY decor ideas. It was her admiration for nature, colors, patterns, and artwork that inspired her to embrace interior design.

    Through her Instagram, she shares simple home décor ideas with a pop of colour, to bring positivity as well as functionality.

    Here’s how to create a floating wall frame with basic things like a square canvas and printed fabric:

    2. Sima Singh

    Sima Singh, a home decor and gardening enthusiast from Bengaluru, inspires people with her one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

    An excerpt from her home shows beautiful antique pieces and furniture, along with splashes of green. Her love of plants is reflected in her home decor, and her home is green, calm, and airy.

    Here, take a look at her tablescape ideas:

    3. Rukmini Ray Feet

    Rukmini Ray Kadam, a famous home décor influencer from Mumbai, posts her thoughts on her popular blog Trumatter. She has also won numerous awards for her hassle-free and cozy home décor ideas, which blend traditional and modern designs.

    Her ideas are simple and all revolve around neutral colors, like white and pastels. She creates soothing motifs using things that are simple and holistic.

    Here’s how to set it up for a farmhouse style mantel and wall décor:

    4. Rohina Anand Khera

    Rohina Anand Khera is an award winning lifestyle and home décor enthusiast who shares her interior designs and DIY ideas through Instagram. She is also the CEO of the Mumbai-based home decor brand AA Living.

    She posts many decorating tips and tricks to transform your home into a dreamy home. She also offers a glimpse into her daily life, which revolves around travel, decor, and art.

    Here’s her advice on how to turn a blanket or throw into a faux bolster pillow:

    5. Nitho Nambiar

    Neethu Nambiar from Bengaluru has vibrant posts and reels on how to decorate her minimalist home, adding life to every nook and cranny.

    Here’s how Neethu set up her living room:

    6. Preethi Prabhu

    An engineer turned interior designer and home decor enthusiast, Preethi is best known for her blog where she shares budget decor ideas, DIY tools and more.

    She tries to bring the ordinary things to life by adding a splash of color wherever possible. It also promotes local handicrafts and art décor items to give any space the look and feel of it.

    Her Instagram is a treasure trove of colorful ideas featuring different types of decor, renovation ideas, and home tours.

    Here’s how she restored an old wooden chair:

    7. Shalini Ganguly

    Renowned and influential interior designer, Shalini Ganguly creates spaces that reflect one’s personality. It has a unique and modern style of interior design that blends Indian and international styles.

    Her Instagram feed features ideas ranging from simple to more elaborate decor.

    Here are her tips on how to keep your bedroom warm and inviting:

    8. Reshma Kravat

    Reshma Kadvath’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of creativity, with perfect combinations of beautiful décor pieces. It is also interesting to note that most decor items are repurposed, remodeled, recycled or revived.

    She promotes sustainability and encourages recycling through her ideas, which range from traditional to minimalist with a rustic touch. She also uploads many DIY recycling ideas.

    Take a tour of her beautiful living room:

    9. Disha Mishra Dubey

    Disha, a home decor blogger, comes up with easy-to-implement, budget-friendly ideas. It features many DIY ideas with which people can customize their interiors according to their taste.

    Here’s how to turn a wicker basket into a beautiful planter:

    10. Pinky

    Pinky, a home decor blogger and interior designer, shares glimpses of her beautiful home through her blog and Instagram feed. It sets up colorful spaces and nooks with ethnic appeal. She is also a fan of brass and her eye for detail and love for color makes her style very unique.

    Here is how she aesthetically decorated a corner in her home:

    (Edited by Divya Sethu)