14 Most Beautiful Cities To Visit In Morocco

With its diverse landscapes ranging from the Mediterranean coastline to the Sahara desert, Morocco has long been a destination of fascination for travelers.

Located at a strategic crossroads for trade with Africa, the country has a rich history shaped by a blend of Berber traditions and foreign influences, including French and Spanish. From bustling cities to quaint medieval towns, Morocco offers a range of destinations to explore. Here are our top picks for the best cities in Morocco to visit on your next trip.

Map of cities in Morocco

Map of cities in Morocco© OpenStreetMap © MapTiler © Touropia

15. Asilah[SEE MAP]

Sunset in Asilah

Asilah is a small, artistic city known for its brightly painted murals. The old fortified city blends Moroccan and Spanish culture, and its narrow streets are filled with artistic and traditional charm. Stroll through the old city and explore the creativity that can be found around every corner. The seaside promenade is a lovely place to take a leisurely bike ride past charming cafes and enjoy views of the ocean.