27 best gifts for shrimp lovers 2022

    Imagine this: a beautiful seaside town, mist rolling into the bay. You take a sip of an iced martini and your eyes are filled with delight as the server puts on an amazing cocktail of shrimp. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Slowly, dip the jumbo shrimp into a tangy cocktail sauce as you think to yourself, “There is a god, and the shrimp must love it.” If you can relate, then, boy, are you ready to get a treat. We call all cuts of meat obsessed with crustaceans and those who claim to be “shrimp teeth” – this one is for you.

    Come on, all come to BIG SHRIMP RODEO. There’s a shrimp-themed item for absolutely every sea bug lover, and if you know a shrimp lover, you know it’s not a hobby, but a lifestyle. Grab some Old Bay and discover the vast ocean-like world of shrimp-inspired jewelry, cocktails, home décor, nail polish and more shrimp products. So go ahead, let the shrimp flag fly, and repeat after me: “I love prawns, I don’t care who knows!” Just a little lemon, and we’re on a magical adventure with shrimp.

    For candle lovers who love shrimp

    Shrimp tend to take a back seat to Big Daddy lobsters when we talk about fancy seafood, but we like to be different, crunchy, and cooler than usual. What better way to express your love for oysters than with some delicious shrimp-style decor? Guests simply won’t be able to ignore an exquisitely crafted cocktail-style shrimp on ice candle, or the exquisitely handcrafted piece of art the Lemon-Shrimp Candle by Brooklyn-based artist and curator Janie Korn.

    $250$158 at SSENSE

    $36 at ebay

    For the finest shrimp party

    It’s shrimp cocktail season, folks. That means it’s time for a clambake, a garden party, a graduation celebration, or a shrimp shindig of summer, and no elegant festivities are complete without a dazzling set of linen cocktail napkins or beaded coasters—all shrimp-themed, of course, like these Linen and shrimp embroidered napkins. Chef Stephanie Nas originally started Chefanie as a catering company in New York, but eventually branched out into designing tableware and accessories that complement all of her favorite dishes.

    $48 at anthropologist

    There’s nothing better than sipping a cocktail from a handcrafted stoneware mug with shrimp perpetually floating on the rim. Founder Alexandria Dejoy handcrafts all of the pieces, which are “instinctively designed to be beautiful, ugly and durable.”

    $65$44 at SSENSE

    For high-end shrimp appetizers

    Photographer Jennifer Orkin Lewis creates whimsical sketches and watercolors, inspired by the calm of the sea. This hand-painted dinner plate brings elegance to our favorite crustacean, evoking a Victorian feel.

    $26 at anthropologist

    For standardized shrimp tables

    Adding a touch of shrimp sparkle to a table setting is never a bad idea. Coordinating, hand-embroidered coasters and sparkling bejeweled napkin rings from Joanna Buchanan are just the ticket.

    $84 at Saks Fifth Avenue

    $68 at Saks Fifth Avenue

    For a mid-century modern shrimp ambiance

    For a more Mediterranean glow, Mykonos-style, can we interest you in these graphic ’60s dinner plates? Made to be mixed and matched, In the Round House’s crab, sardine and octopus bowls are part of a limited-edition collaboration with Sydney-based artist Damon Downey, called The Italian Dinner Party.

    $29 at Saks Fifth Avenue

    For DIY shrimp power

    You’re not about hoity-toity BS you love macrame and kitsch and aren’t afraid to show off your prawns pride all the time. (Mom, it’s not a stage, it’s a lifestyle!) That’s right, you can now show off your rich style in the form of a mid-century cross-legged pillow, a moving device for a bunch of fun, and even a jigsaw puzzle—family fun for everyone. For the sophisticated craftsman who loves a little modern flair, this crossbody set is the perfect gift. Not only is it a fun activity, but the result is a stunningly beautiful shrimp decor for a mid-century-inspired home.

    $69.34 at etsy

    Shrimpley is the best neck pillow

    You love shrimp so much that you like to wrap it around your neck and show it off to the crowd. Now you can cuddle your favorite appetizer and sleep in dreamland, with visions of oysters and shrimp dancing in your head.

    $12.99 at Amazon

    Nobody puts a child in a shrimp-free room

    Start small: they will list the shrimp before they can chew it. This mobile is handcrafted from recycled wool, with polyester filling and embroidered details, all gently draped from ribbons on a birch frame.

    $85.22 at etsy

    Bioluminescence in action

    Scene: curl up with a book in front of a fire on a windy summer’s day. It starts getting dark outside when the clouds roll in. Arrive at your place and unlock your precious value Still life with mussels and shrimp by Vincent Van Gogh’s lamp, and enjoy its warm glow as you turn the page.

    $57.45 at zazzle

    For serious shrimp art collector

    If you’re looking to invest in a stunning work of art, perhaps the Deep Work in Oils by Pat Doherty may be the answer to your prayers.

    $450 at 1st Dibs

    For shrimpcentric . game night

    It’s cabin game night, and after a few rounds of heart-stirring charades, everyone settles in for a nightcap and a puzzle. But not just any puzzle – one that depicts the same thing that brought you all together: Shrimp Fest ’99.

    $15th at Amazon

    Sweet dreams made of shrimp

    Beach themed sea baths are fairly common. There are countless clamshell-shaped soap dispensers out there, but, if you think about it, we’ve never seen a powder room shaped like a seafood tower. Now’s your chance—artist Katie Kimmel, maker of cult-favorite ceramic dog vases and food hats, designed the holy grail of shower curtains: a seafood feast for the eyes.

    $69$58.65 at Society 6

    Chilled Shrimp Cocktail

    If you can believe it, there is more than one pair of really great shrimp socks. One is in classic black, for formal affairs, and the other is a more playful, daytime powder blue.

    $34.99 at Trophy

    $12 at etsy

    Tops with tails

    For shrimp okra cooking, tell everyone you’re tough shrimp with a subtle nod to sea fruit by wearing a classic T-shirt or iconic Jason Bourne-inspired T-shirt.

    $36.36 at etsy

    $30.99 at Amazon

    More pieces of shrimp

    You can wear it in your hair, you can wear it on your feet – the shrimp accessories really can’t be beat. Stylish oysters can be stunning, even the little camper, and the wardrobe of any handbag is a delightfully chic bag. Whether it’s a luxurious Glomesh evening bag, a designer crochet cotton shopping bag, or a duffel bag with heart-shaped shrimp, no look is complete without the right accessories.

    $36.36 at etsy

    $385$277 at SSENSE


    Easily make shrimp into your everyday wardrobe with these delightful pieces of jewelry. Designer Susan Alexandra proudly presents a stunning pair of earrings featuring prawns (and a fellow oyster lover, the mermaid). For black tie events, consider a stunning set of rhinestone and faux pearl drop earrings from the British brand named Shrimps. Finally, a whimsical shrimp necklace would be perfect for your aunt from the Pacific Northwest (or a kindergarten teacher in need of a gift).

    $200 at Clothes

    $75 at etsy

    $230 at SSENSE

    Very un shrimpy birthday for you!

    Every birthday and holiday, show them you care with a gift wrapped in adorable shrimp paper, tied with a large bow and glass ornament charm. This high-quality wrapping paper comes in olive and pink, for a stunning display on the table or under the tree—Christmas in July, anyone?

    $12 at etsy

    $17.95$12.99 at always fit

    $17.95$12.99 at always fit

    The last touch

    Our list wouldn’t be complete without this sparkling shade of classic red, the perfect summertime color to go with everything, in a color called Cajun-shrimp hue.

    $22.95 at Meyer

    Greetings for a summer full of bountiful cocktails (from the shrimp selection)!

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