3D Printed Luxury Apparel,Customized Accessories,Fancy Goods

    Now on display at Milan Design Week the SSYS 2Y22 Reflection Collection. Created with the new Stratasys J850™ TechStyle™ 3D printer, this Stratasys collection has been created and curated in close collaboration with seven design collections and includes exclusive dresses and suits, daywear, lighting, luxury packaging, cosmetics, handbags, accessories, and footwear. , more.

    “Reflecting the impact of the global changes that have taken place in the past two years through fashion design and innovative design,” said Naomi Kempfer, Director of Art, Design and Fashion at Stratasys. “The group focuses on three main pillars – personal space, social inclusion, and conscious manufacturing.” For more information, see IDTechEx report on 3D Printed Materials Market 2020-2030: COVID Edition.

    personal space: The past few years have taught us the need to intertwine our intimate personal and public space. This is expressed through fashion design and identity that reflects intimacy, passion, vulnerability, comfortable clothing, homewear and softness.

    Social integration: The past two years have forced us to confront serious social grievances such as equality, gender and race. This collection is a celebration of our common humanity and highlights the growing sensitivity towards community building, social inclusion and sexuality.

    Conscious Manufacturing: Our goal is to create designs that will last for years, in all seasons. This reduces waste and since the manufacturing process is more intentional, each piece has its own unique story. This collection focuses on slow fashion, conscious manufacturing, longevity and respect for the planet and its environment.