5 ways you can have Japanese styles in your home, take a look

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    Our homes have become hubs for work, learning and living over the past couple of years, making it difficult to maintain any sense of balance or harmony. This brings us to Japandi style, a modern Japanese interior design approach that seems to be prevalent this year. why? Perhaps because two of its most important properties are comfort and consistency. Alessandra Wood, Vice President of Fashion at MODCI, explains why consumers are adopting Japanese design in their homes: “I think this style is becoming more popular as people become more aware of what they have and why they have it,” she says.

    “Marie Kondo has taught us to modify and preserve what we love, and our culture’s shift toward more sustainability encourages us to have fewer items but higher quality.” Living in a minimalist setting gives you a sense of calm because you have more space.” Use calming dinnerware to set your table. Hasami Porcelain To perfection, this glossy gray glazed semi-ceramic plate is made using old-world processes with clay and crushed stone. Plates Basic in appearance but very utilitarian, because they are stackable and spill-resistant.Warm-colored cutlery and accessories will create a cozy atmosphere for those attending the dinner party.

    Naturally woven abaca placemats have an oval shape that provides a neutral backdrop for most styles of tableware and can be dressed up or down for formal or informal occasions. These tall, slender designs embody Scandinavian style in every way. One item is as attractive as the set, which is highly recommended for your dining table. It’s made of New England Ash Wood and comes in two sizes as well as a variety of colors: natural, gray, and white. Candles are available for purchase individually. If a more neutral palette of Japandi style sounds too cute, add color with accessories like this clay brown porcelain jug that takes on colorful earthy tones.

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