8 celebrities who opened vegan restaurants

It seems like a lot of celebrities are switching to a vegan lifestyle. On top of that, many of them also speak on behalf of animals, share amazing vegan recipes, and talk about how a vegan diet affects our environment. Billie Eilish recently launched a “climate positive” and botanical fragrance tour, Ricky Gervais and Moby recently called for elephants to be released from zoos and sent to sanctuaries, and Lizzo always shares her hearty vegetarian meals on social media. Some celebrities have taken a step further and decided to open vegetarian restaurants! Here are 8 examples of successful vegan restaurants launched by vegan celebrities.

1. Moby Little Pine

Source: mercyforanimals / YouTube

In 2015, animal rights activist and longtime music artist Moby opened Little Pine Restaurant in Los Angeles. Little Pine is one of the vegetarian community’s most popular restaurants, and was named Restaurant of the Year by Veg News in 2016. Some of their Mediterranean dishes include marinara meatballs, cashew brussels, Pank Crusted Piccata, and Truffle Rigatoni. They also have two items on their dog food menu, their ingredients are sourced locally, and the profits are donated to animal protection organizations.

Like many restaurants, Little Pine has had to close during the pandemic. It opened again, but led by a new royal group and a chef, with Moby focusing more on “charity, documentary production and, of course, music”.

Click here to visit the Little Pine website.

2. Stylish Lewis Hamilton Burger

Source: ABB Formula E / YouTube

Formula 1 race car driver Lewis Hamilton was one of the original investors in Neat Burger, a vegetarian fast food restaurant that opened in London in 2019. The chain now has several locations across London and plans to expand into the United States, Italy and the Middle East. Some of their signature items include Neat Burger, Filet-No-Fish, Neat Dog, Chick’n Burger Bowl, Buffalo Nuggets, and Milk Shakes. Their food is also free from many common allergens, their packaging is biodegradable and compostable, and Leonardo DiCaprio recently joined the company as a strategic investor.

Click here to visit the Neat Burger website.

3. Toriano Gordon Vegan Mob

Source: 90X Vision / YouTube

Toriano Gordon is a former rapper turned restaurateur who opened a vegetarian restaurant in Oakland called Vegean Mob in 2019. The restaurant has been a huge success, launching a food truck in San Francisco and moving to a larger location in Oakland. Some of the most popular menu items include Fully Loaded Mob Nachos, Gumbo Cup, Shrimp Po’Boy, Spicy Fried Chicken and Impossible Mob Tacos. They also make huge servings, so you can save some for later, too!

Click here to visit the Vision Mob website.

4. Spike Mendelssohn’s PLNT Burger

Source: WUSA9 / YouTube

Spike Mendelsohn, who appeared on Top Chef in Season 4, opened the first PLNT Burger in 2019 inside Whole Foods in Maryland. The popular fast-food burger joint now has 11 locations on the East Coast, with expansion plans. One of them is an independent restaurant in New York City and the rest are located inside Whole Foods. They serve fairly typical fast food fare, including the Mushroom BBQ Burger, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, PLNT Chil Bowl, Soft Serve, and Oatasty Shakes. They also source local ingredients and try to fundraise for local partners.

Click here to visit the PLNT Burger website.

5. John Salley’s Cafe Organix

Source: CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

Former professional basketball player John Sally, a 15-year-old vegan and animal rights activist, opened the Organics Café in San Bernadino, California in 2020. One of the reasons he opened the restaurant was to give the black and white people living in ” ‘Desert’ food An opportunity for healthy plant-based eating. Some of the menu items they offer include Artisan Avocado Toast, Hickory Bacon BBQ Burger, Hot Hunny Chick’n & Waffles, and BLT. They also serve smoothies, smoothies, coffee and mocktails, and sell artwork from local artists!

Click here to visit the Cafe Organix website.

6. Matthew Kenny’s Restaurant Empire

Source: CBS Mornings / YouTube

Matthew Kenny is a vegan rock star chef who has written 12 cookbooks, opened more than 50 restaurants around the world, and many more are due to open this year. Some of the most notable restaurants include the 7 Double Zero pizzerias (one that made it to the Michelin Bib Gourmand list, and has plans to launch a range of frozen pizzas soon), its six restaurants in Folia (established with the help of Prince Khalid bin Al Waleed), its huge vegetarian food hall and its Planet City market In Providence, New England. He has also launched an online culinary academy called the Food Future Institute and is set to open an in-person campus this summer in California.

Click here to visit Matthew Kinney’s website.

7. Angela means Jackfruit Café in Kaya

Source: We’re Good News / YouTube

Angela Mainz Kaya, who was one of the stars of stand-up comedies in the ’90s, opened her popular Jackfruit Cafe in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2017. Kaya shared the space with a donut shop, her food became more popular and her customers started filling the void, being asked Departure. It has since opened another Los Angeles location that only takes orders and delivers. In 2021, Veg News awarded Jackfruit Café as one of the 34 Best Vegetarian Spots of the Year. Some of their popular offerings include Crunch Wrap, Birria Tacos, Pulled BBQ Sandwich, and Soul Bowl.

Click here to visit the Jackfruit Cafe website.

8. Tal Ronin Crossroads

Source: BOSH. TV / YouTube

In 2013, Tal Ronnen opened one of the world’s most famous vegetarian restaurants, Crossroads. Los Angles’ upscale spot is a popular spot for celebrities, serves delicious Mediterranean food, and has a full bar. Ronin plans to open two more locations, one in Las Vegas due to open at the end of May, and one in Calabasas that’s supposed to open in the fall. Some of the notable menu items include Sicilian pizza, spicy rigatoni vodka, stuffed zucchini blossoms, tofu marsala pumpkin seed, and eggplant filet. Ronen also wrote the New York Times bestselling cookbook The Conscious Cook, is the co-author of celebrity vegan cheesecake Kate Hill, and is perhaps best known for preparing Oprah’s dishes for a 21-day vegan cleanse.

Click here to visit the Crossroads website.

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