8 Summer Backyard Must-Haves from BFLO

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    Photo courtesy of BFLO Store

    Imagine this: It’s a beautiful summer’s night here in western New York. The air is cool enough to make it the perfect summer fire night with friends, you have a packed cooler ready with cool drinks, and your backyard is the ultimate place for you.

    Looks great, doesn’t it? To help you make that dream come true, BFLO Shop has everything you need to decorate your backyard for summer.


    Read on for the 8 best items that should be at the top of your list:

    Photo courtesy of BFLO Store

    1. Buffalo Bills Portable Fire Pits

    Hey, ay-ay-ay! This is a sign that you need a fire pit in your backyard this season. Custom billing extinguishing pits can be found in stores only, or can be shipped to you with enquiry. ([email protected])

    2. Buffalo Wooden Door Signs + Garden Flooring

    No home, garden, or backyard in western New York is complete without some buffalo-themed signs to go with it. Show your Bills pride or shop for other cute home decor signs to match any aesthetic. In-store only or shopping by inquiry ([email protected]).

    3. Kitchen + BBQ utensils

    Is there anything better than a barbecue on a summer’s day? From barbecue spoons and other utensils to bottle openers and wine stoppers, the BFLO Shop has all your assorted kitchen items covered.

    4. buffalo bills light up arrow sign

    Perfect for any bar or backyard area, this light up sign makes a great gift or housewarming gift for the Bills fan in your life.


    Photo courtesy of BFLO Store

    5. Buffalo themed aprons

    Whether you’re the designated chef at home or prefer to stay out of the kitchen completely, every home chef needs a Buffalo-style apron from BFLO Store. You can’t go wrong with a sleek steel gray, or opt for a pop of color to enjoy!

    6. buffalo drinking utensils

    There is no party like a buffalo party! Whether you’re throwing back shots or serving up some wine, beer, cocktails, or mocktails, spice up your party with some buffalo-themed drinkware from BFLO Store. Pro tip: These are great gifts!

    7. wind ringtones

    If you want to enjoy a quieter atmosphere in your own backyard, you need to check out BFLO Store’s beautiful collection of wind chimes. With various themes and accessories to choose from, it is the perfect addition to any calming outdoor space.

    8. Garden flags

    Whether you work with a large area or have a small outdoor space, garden flags work great in just about any setting. Show your love for the Buffalo Bills or send a happy welcome – these flags are easily interchangeable with the seasons.

    Shop in-store and online

    Are you ready to make your backyard the place to be this summer? Shop for all your summer essentials on the BFLO Store website, or in person at one of their many locations throughout western New York.

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    This article is a paid promotion sponsored by an SOB advertiser and designed to share valuable information with our readers.