9 Top Furniture Design Trends for 2022 from the Del Mobile Salon in Milan

Dell Mobile Salon Milano

Dell mobile salon

Salone del Mobile, Milan’s annual furniture fair, is back stronger than ever this year to celebrate its 60th anniversary. In honor of the festivities, a Beautiful house The shopping team hit design splendour to report on the latest furniture trends. Since many of the brands featured in Salone only sell custom pieces or trade-in furniture, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding out the must-have styles that you can actually source from your space.

Why Buying These Basics Will Upgrade Your Prestige? They’ve all been stylist-approved and definitely ahead of the curve, as plenty of shows at Salone are new to the market. Kitchens and bathrooms were the spotlights, so expect a few of these recommendations along with all things outdoorsy (now this summer is basically here) and so much more. For anyone looking for the ultimate inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

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Chartreuse seats

Boy – Square Armchair

despite of Edit HomeJoanna Teblin has made it clear in past episodes that she’s not a fan of her graphMilan’s design scene was full of it. Tufted sofas and signature chairs reminiscent of yellow-green French wines were everywhere. Take it as a sign to switch your seats at home!


outdoor glass furniture

Museum seat

In the market for new patio furniture? I recommend outdoor glass furniture Because the material is made to last. “Take car windows, for example, they are glass and weatherproof,” said Daniela Pedtrotti, Vetro Giardini’s export manager. Beautiful house in the saloon. “We were among the first to create our outdoor glass collections and our signature designs now in the Palazzo Italiana.”

Want to come up with the same glass collection as the President of Italy? These customizable silhouettes can be ordered online at Artemest – a digital marketplace of exceptional handcrafted items by Italian artisans from Milan to the Amalfi Coast.


bamboo patio sets

patio table and chair set

During a quick break at Fendi Casa, located in the heart of downtown Milan, it was clarified Bamboo outdoor furniture It is also on the rise. Keep this in mind when setting up a patio this season.


convertible chairs

Sofa bed and chair

Convertible Furniture They’ve come a long way from the reclining sofas your grandparents loved. Take the impressive Innovation C chair at Blå Station, turned 20 years old in Salone – it’s a desk, side table, and chair all in one.

This piece first appeared when Swedish furniture designer Fredrik Matson noticed how uncomfortable people were while working on their laptops at the airport. While it is not available to the masses at the moment, you can find a lot of convertible furniture all over the internet.


black devices

Smart Energy Star French Door Refrigerator

There is no reason for you You have To stick to the white or stainless steel kitchen appliances that come with your home. For a bolder and sexier look, choose black device It’s like these Bosch showcased its latest lines.


hanging flower arrangement

wisteria plant for hanging flowers

Floral arrangements filled the FieraMilano complex in Milan, but you had to look for the best ones. Next time you pick up dried or fake flowers, grab a bouquet and turn it upside down and hang it from the ceiling. hanging flower arrangements They appear in all new smart shapes and sizes.


side table storage

modern ottoman woodrow

We’re taking cues from the debut of “A Portrait of Comfort,” a cozy gallery presented by Loro Piana Interiors and French designer Raphael Navot, and stumble upon Benches that turn into side tables for our small spaces. The luxury brand showcased its own design at Salone, which has a surface that can also be used as a tray. It’s another reminder that multipurpose furniture is the way to go.


Aromatherapy shower heads

Rain shower with aroma capsules

The bathrooms were a big focus in the salon, and rain shower heads The choice was endless. Adding one is an easy and practical way to create a spa ambiance at home, so the hype around comes true.

Instead of opting for a standard pick, opt for a rain shower with it Aromatherapy. You will feel like you are in a resort every day!


Infinity Style Bathtubs

Back to Freestanding Wall Basin

Bringing the outside inside was a common theme at the exhibition, and Koehler led the charge through the clever infinity-edge bathtub – a free-standing model with a slatted wood base, in which the water inside could overflow over the edges of the tub, creating a soothing sound. It’s well worth the $16,000 price tag, but if that splurge isn’t in your budget, put any other freestanding tub next to a large window for serious relaxation.

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