A peek inside George Clooney’s Lake Como villa

    George Clooney’s mansion on Lake Como is the definition of Italian luxury.

    It is no secret that American actor and director George Clooney is a huge fan and enthusiast of Italian culture. The actor fell in love with Lake Como and made sure he got the property when it was sold by the Heinz family. Lake Como is famous and among the most sought after locations when celebrities try to buy some real estate in Italy. Clooney loves the site so much that he personally chose Lake Como as the location for the groundbreaking film In the twelfth ocean in 2004.

    Publicly sworn-to-marriage bachelor George Clooney surprised everyone when in 2014 he proposed to his girlfriend, international human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Then the beautiful pair got married that year, and the actor married human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Venice and Amal gave birth to twins named Ella and Alexander in 2017. Since becoming a family man, the American actor and director has invested more in family friendly real estate rather than bachelor-centric real estate. . Take a look at the beautiful family home of the Clooneys in Lake Como, Italy.

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    Luxury villa in the lap of Italy

    Given that the actor is among the most accomplished actors in Hollywood, it is not surprising that he owns a large amount of real estate. Among them is a comfortable villa located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, Lake Como. The couple is said to spend their time relaxing in a private house every summer with the twins. The huge villa runs across Lake Como and is surrounded by tons of stunning buildings and homes in the picturesque town of Laglio. The actor bought the 18th century house in 2001 from the Heinz family for $7 million.. At that time, he caught the attention of both the media and fans who often flock to the entrance to the property hoping to see Clooney or even his family members. The property has 25 rooms in total.

    The eleventh ocean The actor has reportedly bought the neighboring villa called Villa Margherita to help secure his privacy and the privacy of everyone staying in the villa. The city of Laglio also welcomes Clooney and his family so dearly that in 2015 the mayor of Laglio decided to issue some restrictive orders to prevent fans, photographers and the media from approaching the luxury property. The offender is expected to pay a fine of $544 even if they are within 100 meters of the property. Individuals not associated with Clooney or not invited to the villa should keep their distance to ensure that they do not run into some trouble.

    Nice getaway

    This luxurious, three-storey property boasts a wonderful view of Lake Como. One of its advantages is that the sunset can be clearly seen inside the house. The Oscar-winning actor’s residence has a few great features including a nice balcony and some secluded outdoor patios. The actor and his wife also decided to build a large wall on the outside of the property to keep water out and avoid some flooding.

    It also has features that can usually be seen in some luxury mansions such as tennis courts, swimming pool, gym and garage where the actor is said to stock some of his vast collection of his old motorcycles. It was reported that he has since invested millions in making the mega property more suitable for their families. The luxury villa is said to be Cluny’s nest to sleep at noon.

    Frequent gatherings at Cluny’s estate, Lake Como

    Even before he married Amal, the George Clooney family spent some time each summer in their villa in Como. It has been their family tradition to just relax and enjoy each other’s company every year. It has also been reported that they usually host some of their first-class friends and dignitaries on the property including former President Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston and Matt Damon. Even Amal’s family was spotted at the property and her father, Ramzi Alamuddin, had his birthday party in the luxury villa. It was reported that he sold his Lake Como home before the birth of his beloved twins, but the reports were debunked and allegedly incorrect as Clooney still owns the property to this day.

    In May 2021, the couple invited everyone to hang out with them. The cute couple decides to join the charitable giving team that meets the fundraising website Omaze. They offered their residence to people who want to vacation in the amazing Italian Lake Como. One must enter and donate to charity to enter the sweepstakes where the lucky winner will be able to stay in the couple’s beautiful villa.

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