A Peek Inside Julia Roberts’ Real Estate Portfolio

Julia Roberts spends a large portion of her fortune on many of her luxury homes.

We all have our dream homes and interior design plans if we ever get the chance to turn them into a reality. However, for some celebrities, this is not just a dream. The World’s Riches Collection includes villas, farms, and summer houses all over the world. If you’re lucky, you might even get a peek inside the homes of your favorite celebrities. Julia Roberts is one of the best actresses in Hollywood, known for her charm and amazing acting skills. She has received many awards and honors including the Academy Award. She also worked as a producer for several films. If you think her representative portfolio is great, let’s take an inside look at her portfolio of properties.

You need to take care of profitable investments and beautiful real estate properties if you are looking to build new homes. Julia Roberts has all of these qualities and this is one of the reasons why so many fans look up to her. However, Julia Roberts herself is a big fan of owning highly coveted scenic properties in Hollywood.

Where is all her real estate located?

Lavish Malibu House

Malibu is a very popular area among celebrities and stars from all over the world. Many luxury events are held in different parts of Malibu. The views are stunning and a vacation in Malibu can be just what the doctor asks for! The Julia Roberts home in Malibu is spread over an area of ​​approximately 6,200 square feet. The house has five floors and yes you heard it right! There are five luxurious and decorated bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms in this home.

If that wasn’t fun enough for you, you should know that Julia Roberts owns the house across the street as well. Her second home in Malibu is just 20 minutes away from the first and has three bedrooms with one bathroom. When the outside environment of the homes is so beautiful, we can only imagine what the inside is like! The homes have a vibrant color palette and all front entrances are lined up and clean. There are hardwood floors throughout the homes with sparkling, clean white walls.

Julia Roberts has a passion for interior design as well as coffered and custom ceilings. There are huge windows around the house which add to its historical charm. There are built-in shelves in the house for a stylish fireplace. There is also another fireplace in the dining room, so it is a perfect place to entertain your guests and make them feel comfortable.

The kitchens have custom lockers and a great banquet-style breakfast nook. The master bedroom is located upstairs and has a skylight window to add to the view. There is additional outdoor space so you can enjoy the mountain side views and relax.

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Victorian style residence

The Julia Roberts House in San Francisco was built in the early 1900s and designed by famed architect Sylvian Schnitacher. The layout of the house is perfect and offers a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay from different areas of the house. The home is Victorian and is nearly a century old and was bought back by Julia Roberts in 2020. The total area on which the house is built is approximately one acre.

Presidio Heights House

She also owns the home opposite this home located in the posh Presidio Heights neighborhood. There are five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, two huge garages, a wine room, and a huge outdoor space with a garden. This piece of royalty takes you to another world because its beauty knows no bounds. The best thing about the house is that the exterior provides a completely different look but once you get inside there are coffered ceilings all around.

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Kauai Houses

Julia Roberts explored the Kauai, Hawaiian area, and purchased an impressive piece of property in 2011 for over $13 million. This property had not only one house but a second house completely separate from the previous one. The entire estate covers about 2 acres of land. There is a main house and the second house is referred to as the guest house. There are beautifully maintained balconies in each home that offer stunning views of Hawaii.

The main house is painted in intense shades of red and has six bedrooms and three bathrooms. This beach house has over 213 feet of beach frontage. The houses are located in such a way as to give you a wonderful view of the sea and mountains. The house has a very spacious feel due to its high ceilings. However, in 2016 Julia Roberts sold this property for more than 28 million dollars.

She prefers to spend most of her time at her home in San Francisco with her family and prefers to stay away from the public spotlight.

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