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you welcome in disguised singer Season 7 scorecard! What better way to keep up with eliminations and theories than with this scorecard? Keep this page bookmarked and update it after each episode airs as we will update this frequently. Now, let’s get started on it!

at disguised singer Season 7, the celebrities are divided into three teams: The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly. Which team do you root for? This goes without saying, but before you continue reading, please note that there are spoilers ahead because we’ll be sharing every masked singer revealed so far this season.

Who is Miss Teddy in The Masked Singer?

Miss Teddy has one majestic voice he can listen to forever! But the name of the game here is guess who is behind the outfit. Now, we know Miss Teddy is cute, full of life, and so lovable. But who could this be? Guessings from judges include Gloria Gaynor, Jennifer Hudson, Cece Winans.

Who is Hydra on The Masked Singer?

At the end of Episode 5, Hydra is revealed and revealed to be Ben and Teller.

Triple Threat? Who are the performers hiding behind this highly creative outfit? It’s unlike any other costume we’ve seen before!

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The Masked Singer: The ringmaster on the episode of The Masked Singer aired Wednesday. April 6 (8:00 – 9:00 p.m. ET/Pacific Time) on FOX. CR: Michael Baker/Fox. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Fox.

Who is the ring manager in The Masked Singer?

Ken Jeong’s guess is Taylor Swift, but come on, there’s no way T Swift is under that mask! But the Ringmaster has a great sound.

Who is an armadillo in The Masked Singer?

Watching an armadillo sing and perform was so much fun, it really gets into it! The armadillo suffered a fall during his performance in Episode 5, but recovered quickly.

Who is the Queen Cobra in The Masked Singer?

The Queen Cobra was revealed to be the R&B group at En Vogue! We love the way the show added a set, it was so fun trying to figure it out and we just got baffled.

Who is the firefly in the masked singer?

Now that was a dramatic performance! Firefly did great, but he suffered from a coughing fit and had to take a break. She returned to finish Chaka Khan’s “Nobody”. I don’t know who Firefly is, but what a great voice! Some of the popular theories are Alicia Keys and Aisha Tyler.

Firefly performed again in the second episode singing “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)” by Michael Jackson. She also revealed that Farrell is one of the major “keys” in her career. New guesses are Keyshia Cole and Lauryn Hill. In Episode 3, the Firefly is clearly a favourite! She is so wonderful. Alicia Keys remains a popular guess, and so is Ciara.

Who is the lemur on the masked singer?

In Episode 4, Lemur is revealed and revealed to be Christie Brinkley!

Lemurs were knocked out in the first round by the second batch or the Masked Singers. Behind the mask, this fun lemur turns out to be Christie Brinkley! I wish I’d seen Christie Brinkley in another episode, it’s too bad that they are eliminated on this tour.

Who is McTerrier in The Masked Singer?

McTerrier was the first person to be revealed this season! Behind the McIntier mask, was pastry chef Duff Goldman!

At the season seven premiere, McTerrier sang “Working For The Weekend” for Loverboy. To be honest, it wasn’t too bad because he wasn’t a professional singer, but the highlight of his performance was definitely when his mask exploded by accident. Although I don’t think anyone was able to recognize him, it was still enough to get fans to vote for him.

Who is Space Bunny on The Masked Singer?

Well this has to be one of my favourites! Space Bunny turned out to be shaggy! The nostalgia trip was sorely needed.

Who is the little mammoth on The Masked Singer?

None other than Kirstie Alley was under the Baby Mammoth mask! I was able to guess this correctly, which I don’t often do.

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The Masked Singer: The Giant at the episode premiere of The Masked Singer Wednesday. March 9 (8:00 – 9:00 p.m. ET/Pacific Time) on FOX. CR: Michael Baker/Fox. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Fox.

Who is Cyclops on The Masked Singer?

At the end of Episode 3, Cyclops is eliminated and revealed to be Jorge Garcia.

Watching Cyclops perform “My Sacrifice” by Creed was a nostalgic journey! Conjectures for who the Cyclops could be include Rob Thomas, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Dax Shepard. All guesses were wrong, the giant is Jorge Garcia.

Who is Thingamabob in The Masked Singer?

At the end of Episode 3, Thingamabob is eliminated and it is revealed that he is Jordan Mailata.

Thingamabob was our first performer this season, he sang “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi. The popular theory of Thingamabob was James Hetfield. Later, new guesses were The Rock, Jason Momoa, and Omar Benson Miller. All guesses wrong, Thingamabob is Jordan Mailata.

Who is Ram on the masked singer?

At the end of Episode Two, Ram is eliminated and it is revealed that: Joe Buck!

From the start, we knew Ram was an athlete, but we weren’t sure who he could be. Ram performed “If You Want My Love” by Cheap Trick as his first song. Popular theories of Ram were Matthew Stafford and Peyton Manning. Later, the judges also guessed at Jason Sudeikis and T Burrell. All guesses were wrong, Ram is Joe Pak.

Who is the frog prince on the masked singer?

The most famous guess as to who is behind the mask of the Frog Prince is Cheyenne Jackson. I know we love being jackson.

Who is Jack in the Box in The Masked Singer?

Let’s keep this short because it goes without saying that we weren’t expecting this reveal. Jack in the Box was Rudy Giuliani.

Don’t forget to watch a new episode of disguised singer Next Wednesday, April 13th, only on FOX. We’re going to meet the new contestants, so it’s about to get really fun.