Are the pools enough to create mist?

    Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer in the Hamptons. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, whether it’s waterside or tucked away surrounded by mature trees and hedges – a relaxing pool is something hardly anyone can miss on a hot summer’s day. We asked real estate agents in the East End who showcase some of the most luxurious homes, what are some of the coveted features of the East End swimming pools? Is just having a pool enough or does it really need a splash?

    swimming pools
    Ashley Farrell

    Ashley Farrell, Corcoran Group

    ‘The Hamptons sure know no bounds in terms of lavish backyards and pools – the options are endless! Any sort of private amenity is a definite plus when it comes to attracting buyers. I was recently touring a new build house in Southampton and the pool was serving ‘brew bars’ – No, this is not just a cup holder, but something better. The concept is a ledge protruding 1 foot into the water from the pool wall and on the side facing the lounge/patio area. This foothold is approximately 3.5 to 4 feet deep in the water, It allows swimmers to “hang” with those who are relaxing without having to walk in the water. It’s a simple, but rarely used idea that increases functionality and creates cohesion between those in and out of the water. Keep in mind that was when I built the pool My next!”

    Deidre Devita

    Deidre DeVita, Sotheby’s International Realty

    “People do care about their pools. When it comes to features that are needed, the most consistent trend I see is that everyone wants something different! Either have the pool tucked away behind a fence in their own little park, or it’s placed on a roof right behind the back of the house, creating Creates a resort-like indoor/outdoor atmosphere.The setting is very important: it must be a self-contained retreat, with amenities at hand, and must match the style of the accommodation.It should be noted that these desires are not always achievable because each location has its own limitations. In fact, some of the most valuable and desirable locations – on the ocean coast, for example – pose the biggest challenges, with relapse and coverage requirements emerging.Buyers should not assume they can realize their dream scenario without proper diligence.However, knowing what Going into creating these perfect summer luxuries makes you appreciate the gorgeous pool setting even more.”

    Mariana Nunes

    Mariana Nunes, Compass

    “The waterfront pool is definitely a coveted feature in the luxury market. Some lands have wetlands or other restrictions that prevent swimming pools from being built in certain locations, so when you have one, having one is a special advantage. Those who register properties with a waterfront pool are in luck! The lap pool is also a frequent request for true swimmers, and for the health conscious, the salt water pool is a must! “

    Elizabeth B. Bowden

    Elizabeth B. Bowden, Nest Seekers International

    “Having toured the luxury segment of the Hamptons real estate market for more than half a decade, I like to think I’ve made requests for all of this. The parameters of the pool are no exception. The size, style and location of the pool are what set the stage. The details in the end, right down to the setting, It is she who organizes the experience.Details range from appropriate furniture and accessories to sound systems and water features.For many of my clients, the setting dictates the decision.Whether hidden behind hedges, overlooking vast farmlands or the mighty Atlantic Ocean,it is the preference.Remember Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

    Patrick McLaughlin

    Patrick McLaughlin and Douglas Elliman

    “For many Hamptons homebuyers, a swimming pool is an integral extension of their living space. They want harmony between the indoors and the pool, along with all of their outdoor living spaces. In other words, the pool should not only look stunning, it should complement The style and environment of living in the whole house. Swimming pools are not just for a quick dip. They are part of a seamless lifestyle. One feature, for example, is the “sun rack”, where deck chairs are placed in a few inches of water. Its popularity is increasing because it allows people Experience the pool without having to get completely wet.It allows bathers to keep cool while being able to hold a conversation or run and grab a quick cup of roses without having to remove the towel!In accordance with the trends in interior design, LED lights have become a must-have for swimming pools in The Hamptons.The stylish design and adjustable features allow homeowners to create a consistent mood inside and out.I know that in some areas of the country multi-colored lights are a fun addition, but in the Hamptons, the subtlety of lights seems to be the Plain white is the thing that buyers are looking for.”

    Jennifer Friedberg

    Jennifer Friedberg and Brown Harris Stevens

    “Swimming pools, the pride and joy of many Hamptons homeowners and renters. Although there are some amazing village homes (some still available, call me!) without pools, the majority of local renters put them at the top of their “must have” list. So, what kind of pools are renters really looking for? Spacious and heated with resort style amenities. Sometimes lush landscaped plots, pool homes, and outdoor showers will seal the deal. Whether you’re relaxing in the sun, relaxing after a morning workout, sipping a coffee or a cocktail, enjoying the pool is the ultimate luxury. Even better, the high-end design and top-notch lounge chairs, pillows, and towels provide an extra “wow factor.” In the east, we see picturesque bay-side pools, ocean-side, infinity-and-align – the sky is the limit, the easy flow from the house to the outdoors is the key. Since many customers buy with rental structure, all of the above are taken into account when buying and building from scratch. So, welcome to Memorial Day Weekend in the Hamptons and enjoy all it has to offer.”

    This article appeared in the Memorial Day 2022 issue of Behind The Hedges. Read the full digital version of the magazine here. Read more features from our magazine here.