Award-winning actor Brian White collaborates with fellow celebrities to create an app for Hustlers,

Actor Brian White has teamed up with a team of celebrities to launch an app aimed at helping entrepreneurs secure their portfolio.

White is best known for his prominent roles in films such as Stomp The Yard, dear FrankAnd ambitions. But during the pandemic, join many business partners like Rico Love, Raz B, Claudia Jordan, and others to create the ultimate app for entrepreneurs and those who “hunt”,

The app debuted in early 2021 but is re-introducing it after some recent updates to better serve the entrepreneurs. The Preneur democratizes entrepreneurship by offering Fortune 500 level, distribution, and community programs to individuals and small businesses.

As the digital economy grows, so does the number of new businesses. There has been an influx of about 10 million new companies starting in the past two years and at least a third of Americans are pursuing more “side business.”

This is where begins. The app aims to provide side scammers with a comprehensive solution to help manage and grow their business instead of the complicated and expensive apps currently in the market.

Preneur’s goal is to enable the hustle economy so that entrepreneurs can engage, grow and monetize their customers. With Wyatt’s background in sports and entertainment, the scandal The actor is proud to be behind a tech product that amplifies the growing community of self-made pranksters.

“I’ve been in entertainment for 20 years and before that sport, but it’s very difficult to get a direct relationship with anyone…Social media is great but it only allows 2% of the target audience to see our messages,” White told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I was able to connect with people and gain contact with them within 3 seconds with Preneur, from that I was able to build my brand and monetize my business because now if I have a movie coming out or an event I can send it to you right now. The text open rate is 98% vs. Email at 20%. As a business owner, Prenuer gives you the kind of connection you need!”

Preneur offers entrepreneurs a captivating landing page that can be used as a link in their resume and aggregate all of their websites and other social pages. Users also receive a business text number that allows them to quickly and easily capture customer information and interact with them.

The app also provides scheduling and payment functionality that allows customers to schedule services and pay through the app. A community of other Preneurs is also available to interact, ask questions and gain ideas.

The Preneur aims to help bridge the income inequality gap, focusing solely on the hustle and bustle of the modern age. Amadeau CEO and Co-Founder said, Preneur empowers individuals to discover their own personal hustle and bustle and have the courage to succeed. “It’s like getting an extra employee without the need for an extra office.”

Get the Preneur App by sending the keyword “APP” to Brian White’s Personal Preneur Number: 📲 (424) 352-8505.