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    Three window frame wall decor pieces in three different rooms.
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    Window frames can add a major architectural element to your interior design, or they can be used as simple geometric artwork. If you’re not much of a scraper, can’t stand the claustrophobia of an antique shop, and hate the hustle and bustle of the flea market, shop for pretty rustic frames from our links.

    Window Frame Decoration Buying Guide

    A decorative piece inspired by the window frame above an entry table.

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    Why buy window frame decor?

    Window frame decor is beautiful and versatile. Looks great alongside candles, pictures, wreaths and other fun items in window frame décor. The creative designers have used them on chair rails, cabinet doors, headboards, planter boxes, and dozens of other innovative decor projects. In addition, the decor of the window frame is very fashionable. It’s a great item for photographers to have on hand for background decor, and realtors love creating homes with these simple and elegant designs.

    What should you consider window frame decor?

    • Size: Some window frame decor pieces are small and some are large and responsible. You’ll have to figure out how much space you have, what kind of statement you want to make, and whether you’re using more than one window frame to create your perfect design. Always measure the area of ​​the wall, door, or sash to determine the size that works best for you.
    • ending: Color and texture are key factors when it comes to decorating walls. If you have darker colored or brick walls, a crisp white frame will appear. The beautiful wood finish would look lovely on walls painted white, neutral cream, dusty blue or gray. A deep rustic, multi-colored finish will be accentuated by eye-catching metallic elements against stark white walls.
    • Weight: Think about where you want your window frame decor to rest. Is there a bolt available to hold your frame? If so, you can put a heavy frame on this wall without worry. If not, you may want to choose something lighter that won’t damage your home wall.

    What is the best way to install window frame decor?

    Some window frame decor pieces come with specific hardware to hang them properly. Others do not. The best way to hang your window might be with a piece of hanging wire. You can easily attach the wire to the back of any piece of wood and then hang it on a nail or hook. For heavy tires, read the mounting instructions carefully. Hanging heavy items may require a bracket or anchor.

    Our picks for the best window frame décor

    First choice

    Positives: These beautiful frames are lightweight and easy to hang on the wall, so most people won’t need a companion to help install them. It even comes with mounting hardware to hang it properly. And the rustic finish adds the perfect touch of country charm to your walls or mantle.

    Negatives: Some tires may have slight imperfections on the finish, others may be slightly warped.

    minimum: If you are looking for an affordable set of window frames to enhance your decor, check this out. They’re cute, feather-light, easy to hang, and versatile for every season. Plus, it’s made from recycled and recycled wood.

    Most color options

    Positives: One of the best things about these window frames is that they come in so many attractive finishes, that they can really work in any room. It is large enough to make the correct statement. A lot of detail in the galvanized finishes. The details are wonderful.

    Negatives: Hanging hardware is not included.

    minimum: If you are looking for a beautiful pair of rustic windows for decorating, this could be an excellent choice for you. It’s rectangular in shape so it can be used in a variety of creative ways, however it has arched detailing on the metallic finish. Plus, they can work with almost any decor style.

    Best rustic design

    Positives: The simple style of this frame looks great with almost any type of decoration style from English cottage to industrial farmhouse to urban farmhouse and beyond. It is lightweight yet sturdy, so you can easily install it. It makes a beautiful cloak, and can also be used as a faux headboard if you install two side by side.

    Negatives: There may be slight imperfections in the finish.

    minimum: If you are looking for a horizontal window décor piece that will not disappoint you, then this might be what you are looking for. Details look like a stained glass window without glass. And the minimalist style fits in just about any space.

    Better with shutter doors

    Positives: Technically, this is a beautiful and unique piece. It’s lightweight and easy to hang, but can also be used as a decorative piece on a mantle or mantel. Hinged shutter doors are unique and fun. It is an affordable and great piece to decorate on a budget.

    Negatives: Difficult to keep shutters closed.

    minimum: This farmhouse window frame has functional shutters. It can fit just about anywhere, and the wood is pre-pressed for a rustic look.

    Excellent choice

    Positives: This decorative piece is well made of high quality materials, so it will look great in your home for a long time. The arched shape makes a beautiful statement piece. It is very sturdy and stops tight. And given the quality, it’s an excellent value.

    Negatives: The metal plates look like they open, but they don’t.

    minimum: If you are in the market for a statement piece, this arched window decor piece might be just right for you. The details are intricate and beautiful, and it looks like a true antique.

    last thoughts

    Window frame decor can make a beautiful statement indoors or outdoors. If you want something new to spruce up your home decor, check out these window frame decor pieces.