Beverly Hills Development Unveils Aman Luxury Hotel Plan

    At Aman Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands, guest villas come with infinity pools and butlers serving you a private romantic dinner on the beach. In the remote Utah desert, Aman’s guests can “camp” in tented suites with plunge pools and king-size beds.

    Forbes magazine described the Swiss company, owned by Russian real estate developer Vlad Doronin, as “the world’s most famous resort brand” and attracts wealthy guests such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George and Amal Clooney.

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    2:22 PM June 13 2022An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the Aman hotel chain had 33 resorts and that it had started in Indonesia. Aman owns 34 resorts, and the first opened in Thailand.

    Launched in Thailand, Aman is known for its small resorts in exotic tropics or important historical properties such as the 16th century palace in Venice.

    Now the celebrity-beloved luxury hospitality brand is coming to Beverly Hills as part of a $2 billion garden-like apartment complex called One Beverly Hills. Its developers revealed Thursday that Aman will operate the hotel, a private club and some Aman-branded residences in a landscaped oasis adjacent to the iconic Beverly Hilton, where stars gather for the annual Golden Globe Awards.

    View of the entrance to the Aman Hotel in One Beverly Hills, which will have 42 suites.

    View of the entrance to the Aman Hotel in One Beverly Hills, which will have 42 suites.

    (Foster + Partners)

    One Beverly Hills, announced in 2020, has city approval for a 42-room hotel — all suites — and 37 hotel-branded condominiums, where owners can choose to have hotel amenities like room service meals and housekeeping.

    Formerly occupied by the famous Robinsons-May store, the 17.5-acre One Beverly Hills property near Wilshire Boulevards and Santa Monica is one of the most coveted real estate development sites in the country but has been out for years as previous plans for its development failed to materialize.

    The main vacant plot of land was purchased for $445 million in 2018 by Alagem Capital Group, the local owner of the Beverly Hilton and partner of Cain International in London. Partners have come up with a new plan that combines the existing Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills with a new development designed by Norman Foster, an English lord perhaps best known for designing a lipstick-like skyscraper in London known as the Gherkin and the hoop—the shape of Apple Inc’s headquarters. in Cupertino, California.

    Foster’s plan calls for up to 340 high-end condominiums in two towers that reach 32 stories in height. The buildings will be surrounded by eight acres of native botanical gardens and water features woven by walkways, the bulk of which will be open to the public. There will also be a 10-storey building to house Aman and his residences, Aman’s private club, spa and restaurants.

    Foster said in a 2020 interview that his plan goes back to a period in the 1930s when architects who came to Los Angeles embraced the healthy aspects of climate by designing structures with balconies, terraces, and other features intended to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. in the fresh air. One Beverly Hills will follow suit, focusing on the outdoor environment.

    The architecture of the building is an extension of the green, he said. “The protagonist is the landscape, the garden.”

    View of a garden in One Beverly Hills.

    View of a garden in One Beverly Hills. The design requires 8 acres of native botanical gardens and water features woven with pathways.

    (DBOX for Al-Ajam Capital Group)

    Foster said the 28- and 32-story apartment towers would be “penetrable” in terms of being able to see through, and far enough away to maintain lines of sight from afar. The hotel will be brought back from Wilshire Boulevard, in part on land formerly occupied by a 76-brand gas station acquired by developers.

    Cain and Alagem Capital teamed up in 2018 and received city benefits to build One Beverly Hills in 2021. The Beverly Hills City Council approved the project over the objections of council member and former mayor John Merish, who called the proposed development “elitist, exclusive, and exclusionary.”

    “Without affordable housing, the project has turned into a fortress of exclusion,” Merish told the other four council members.

    Construction is expected to begin in 2023 and complete in 2027, Jonathan Goldstein, CEO of Caen International, said.

    Partners Kane and Allagem hired CEO Larry Green, the former US chief of development for Westfield Mall owner, to oversee the development. Among the big projects that Green has shaped, was the $1 billion turnaround for nearby Westfield Century City in 2017.

    Presentation of One Beverly Hills Project, a planned $2 billion residential and hotel complex

    An incarnation of One Beverly Hills, which will include a 10-story building to house Aman, his residences, a private safety club, spa, and restaurants.

    (DBOX for Al-Ajam Capital Group)

    Goldstein said the addition of a super-luxury hotel should enhance One Beverly Hills’ appeal to travelers, who can choose from Hilton, Waldorf Astoria and Aman. “We think we’ve covered every base on the site.”

    Prices for the Aman Hotel in Beverly Hills haven’t been set yet, but other Aman Inns have hit some eye-catching standards.

    According to the hotel’s website, a night at the Amangiri desert resort in Canyon Point, Utah starts at about $4,000. A room booked Monday night through will start at $430 at the Beverly Hilton and $1,195 at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.

    The ultra-luxury 40-room Amangani Jackson Hole recently sold for $79.5 million, or $1.99 million a room. Real estate consultant Alan Rey said the rate was one of the highest paid per room over the past two years in the US.

    Ray said it’s common sense in Beverly Hills. “It’s an upscale luxury hotel as I’ve ever seen.”

    Aman manages 34 properties in 20 countries. The Beverly Hills hotel will be the fifth in the United States after the Aman Hotel opens in New York in August and in Miami in 2024.

    “Remaining true to our DNA and desired Aman lifestyle,” Doronin said in a statement, “Aman Beverly Hills, located in its extensive botanical gardens, exemplifies Aman’s heritage and heritage while connecting our guests to wonderful urban environments.”