Blake Shelton and Carson Daly star in Celebrity Parmageddon

    old friends Blake Shelton And Carson Daly They are collaborating for a new game show on USA Network. Parmageddon The two bartenders send to Nashville, particularly Shelton’s Ole Red bar, to play classic bar games that go to the extreme with some celebrity friends. WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella He’s also on board as the host of Madness, putting risks to the two friends and guests in every episode.

    Parmageddon It takes place in Ole Red where Daly slips behind the bar and Shelton performs live music for what looks like a themed bar. hollywood game night. Instead of answering questions with a team of other celebrities, guests of each episode will take part in an array of extreme bar games like Aircannon Cornhole, Keg Curling, Drunken Ax Hole, or the sadly named Shelton Darts (short for Sharts). Of course, drinks will also be passed on as the contestants get into the spirit with a boisterous crowd enjoying the fun and Shelton and Daly cheering (and teasing) their new drinking buddies.

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    Each episode is a five-match challenge of two famous guests vying to win a prize for an online viral sensation of their choice. All in the name of giving someone who has become infamous with a clip of him posted online a bit of a payback. The loser in each game is asked to spin the wheel of redemption which may give them a blessing to re-launch them back into the game or lead to some fun outcome. Occasionally, Shelton and Daley will just jump in to show off their bar game skills to their guests and mix up the competition. At the end of it all, the winner gets a grand prize home while the loser only gets to be disgraced.

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    Daly and Shelton have been practically tied at the hip for quite some time now that Daly even runs his friend’s wedding to his colleague. the sound Judge Gwen Stefani: famous American singer. The two are the longest-lasting members of the singing competition, but their way to Parmageddon totally different. Shelton is best known as a country music star with a slew of awards including CMT’s Artist of the Year. Meanwhile, Daly started his career on radio before joining MTV with shows like direct total order And finally, get on the plane today.

    In a statement, Shelton said, “Nashville is known for its great music and hospitality, which makes it the perfect setting. I’m excited about Parmageddon and can’t wait for friends, old and new, to join my friend Carson and I for some drinks, music and lively fun at Ole Red.” His longtime friend Daly also expressed his delight at the fun and upcoming games, saying “Blake, Lee, and I wanted to create a show where the audience would feel like they were hanging out with us at Ole Red in Nashville, drinking and cheering up friends as they compete in the ultimate test of athleticism and stamina – bar games !”

    Parmageddon She hails from White Label Productions and JLP Pictures with Shelton, Daly, Lee Metzgerand White Label’s Chris Wagner They work as executive producers.

    There is currently no launch window for the chain.


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