Celebrities and their impact on society

In recent news for the Met Gala and other major celebrity events, celebrity attendance was all news outlets covered. Celebrities are glorified teenagers with a college fraternity agenda.

Celebrities will be defined as anyone who has something of their own creation, including physical appearance and viral spread which are now considered higher in society. Everyone is obsessed with these on-screen idols who can act in crazy (and sometimes illegal) ways. From slapping Chris Rock on live TV to sleeping with minors, celebrities can get away with unacceptable behavior without the natural fallout. Kim Kardashian spends thousands of dollars on new clothes she can probably wear once and the rest gets thrown away or sold as if she didn’t already have enough money.

Name strength benefits from consuming a company’s product. Celebrities will slap their name on any product in exchange for a portion of the profit pie. Kendall Jenner had her name on alcohol and marketed it to minors. Skin care with a filtered celebrity sells out in just seconds because the result is to look like an Instagram model. Exaggerated and unrealistic expectations with no repercussions drive celebrities to continue this behaviour. The head of marketing has to deal with all the complaints while the celebrities keep smiling at the ads.

There is a kind of privilege available to celebrities, but it also comes at a price. Princess Diana was severely tortured by the paparazzi as they followed her every step. Today’s paparazzi has evolved where anyone can take a Buzzfeed test to see if a BTS member has the same skincare routine as the test presenter. People are trolled just because they exist. This is not good, but celebrities need to be responsible for their actions and think about the purpose of their influence.

When will Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Parker marry? Is Lizzo really pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby? How many children does Kris Jenner have? Where does Prince Harry and Meghan live? Why did the Jonas brothers separate?

There is no privacy. Every day people give celebrities fame but only with the unwritten rule of knowing all the inside details. Magazines, social media, and news outlets encourage this obsession with amazing headlines and personal details of famous people. Follow Camila Cabello’s skincare routine and how she covers practically nonexistent acne.

This infatuation with “beautiful” people may stem from a view of idealistic physical appearances and from a lack of self-love within one person. There is no reason to try to improve oneself when one can chase after those who got famous during the seven-second Tik Tok dance or are associated with a famous person. So why would anyone still care about celebrities? Someone is famous as long as people still give him attention and fame. Power is in the hands of “ordinary” people. Celebrities have no role but to exist and provide entertainment. They are normal human beings and should be treated as such. Actions have consequences and should not go unpunished.