Celebrities, animal welfare charities and MPs sign a letter to demand an end to chicken cages

A signed letter backed by celebrities, charities and MPS calling on the UK government for its failure to ban cages in egg production. Cages are one of the most condemned agricultural practices in the world, yet their use continues.

Source: Animal Equality UK / Youtube

Nearly 14 million chickens are stuck in cages across the UK, but 76 per cent of UK consumers believe banning cages should be a priority. Cages are incredibly inhumane and limit the movement of chickens. This affects their well-being, and they suffer psychological and physical harm in cage environments during their short lives.

“Every year 14 million chickens are kept in small cages with barely enough room to spread their wings. This is unacceptable for a country that boasts strong farm care standards,” said Lauren Platt, co-founder of Conservative Animal Welfare.

“While we welcome the efforts of retailers leading the way towards moving away from cages, we continue to estimate that beyond these commitments there will be 8 million chickens kept in cages for their entire lives. We urge the government to bring legislation more in line with political and public sentiment and retailers, and launch their planned consultations Her now, so that we can finally ban laying hens from living behind bars.”

Source: Animal Equality / Youtube

The letter was delivered to Defra on the one-year anniversary of the government’s published Animal Welfare Action Plan. However, the government failed to take any steps during the year since it committed to “examine the use of cages in the raising of laying hens”.

The joint letter was signed by celebrities including Lucy Watson, broadcaster Kirsty Gallacher, actor Peter Egan, veterinarian Mark Abraham OBE and James Dunmore. Thirteen animal charities have signed up as well, including Humane League UK, RSPCA, Conservative Animal Foundation and Animal Equality UK. Fifteen lawmakers signed the letter, including Henry Smith and Caroline Lucas.

The letter was submitted by The Humane League UK, RSPCA and the Conservative Animal Foundation as part of Beatrice’s campaign, which aims to ban chicken cages. Recently, government efforts in animal welfare have been mixed. Boris Johnson reversed plans to ban fur and foie gras, but he also passed the Animal Consciousness Bill and instituted a ban on glue traps.

The European Union plans to ban all cage farming by 2027, but the UK government’s inaction is frustrating the public as the country lags behind the European Union, which has demonstrated how low animal welfare is on the country’s priority list nonetheless. Make promises.

Cordelia Britton, Head of Programs at The Humane League UK said, “This government has gained power over a slew of progressive animal welfare policies, and has promised not to be left behind in the EU. The EU is working towards a ban on cages – and in the meantime, it has pledged Our government “examined” the issue a year ago, and has done nothing since. The chickens in the cages, the public involved, need something tangible – the government needs to advertise a consultation on the matter or it risks breaching its trust.”

Egg-producing hens are among the most systematically abused animals in the world. They are kept in small cages for their short lives and are subjected to enormous psychological and physical damage. Sign this petition to demand that caged chickens cannot be described as cage-free! And while you’re at it, sign this petition to help stop abuse in the poultry industry.

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