Celebrities known for hitting the racetrack

Horse racing is one of those sports that attract people of all population groups. It is popular all over the world, with young and old, rich and poor. There is something in sports that only invites people. Unlike NASCAR or greyhound racing, horse racing still has a certain status.

The biggest races are also great social and publicity events, and are a great place to watch and be informed. Since the glamorous days of Old Hollywood when Southern California’s Santa Anita Park attracted stars like Bing Crosby and Clark Gable, horse racing has attracted the most iconic names in the show business.

One of the great things about horse racing is that you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy it or bet on it. It is as fun to watch the races from a special box as it is to watch the railroad bird along the track. From one you may have the perfect view, but from the other, you can feel the hooves dropping.

With the advent of online sports betting, it is also easier to bet on horse races than ever before. Even if you are new to sports betting, there are now online betting guides that can explain how the odds work, provide betting reviews, and even provide important tips and other information.

So, whether you’re sipping mint juleps in the stands at the Kentucky Derby or screaming from the plaza of a small local track like Emerald Downs, there’s a place in the race for everyone. You’ll find some celebrities in private chests and others in stables with the horses they own.

Musicians, actors, athletes and even chefs, the list of celebrities who love horse racing is long and varied. Here are some of the big names known to hit the racetrack:

Jane Simmons

Jane Simmons might not be the easiest celebrity to be picked in a crowd because he doesn’t tend to leave the house wearing his full KISS makeup these days! Simmons doesn’t just love watching the races; He also enjoys betting on it. One episode of his reality show included a trip to the Kentucky Derby.

He and his girlfriend placed a $100,000 bet, choosing the horse based on the jockey’s silk. It might not be the smartest betting strategy, but sometimes you just have to trust your instincts. He should have seen the danger of trusting a “bad luck woman” bet!

Bobby Fly

Bobby Flay made his name as a celebrity chef and as the host of cooking shows like Boy Meets Grill and Throwdown! With Bobby Flay and the best thing I’ve ever eaten. The Iron Chef Judge is also very involved in the world of horse racing. Besides betting on races, he also owns racehorses.

Just this month, he raced his horse for contemporary art in Belmont Park in New York. Led by Irad Ortiz Jr., Contemporary Art took second place in the 1/16 mile race on grass. Some of his other horses include Pizza Bianca, Mezcal, Eamonn and First Captain – all of whom have won or participated in recent races.

Vince McMahon

It’s no surprise that Vince McMahon has been spotted at some of the biggest horse races. He is an athlete who loves good performances. It is also known that he and his wife have friends who own race horses.

As the owner of the largest professional wrestling franchise in the United States, World Wrestling Entertainment, he’s used to writing contests, so it must have been refreshing to watch an event and not know what the outcome would be.

William Shatner

Before Chris Pine stepped up and took on his role, William Shatner was primarily known as the man behind Captain Kirk. Few people know that besides his love for space, he has a deep love for horses and has actually owned horse farms since the 1970s.

While his farms focused on raising show horses rather than racehorses, he is still a fan of the sport. Having spent so much time in Kentucky with his show horses, it’s hard to imagine he didn’t also make time for trips to Churchill Downs in Louisville.


While Madonna has been mainly in the news in recent years for her on-stage antics while performing or for her weird TikTok videos, she is also a well-known horse fan and a fan of horse racing betting. She was badly injured in a fall from a horse in 2005 but still loves to ride and watch the races.

Although the original Material Girl may not own any horses, it bears the namesake of quite a few horses. Madonna has been a popular name for race horses since the 1980s, and there are a few of them called Material Girl. None of them have won the title of Queen of Pop yet!

pod miller

Olympic gold medalist and world champion downhill skier Bode Miller is another celebrity who not only watches horse races, but also owns racehorses. He became interested in the sport through his friendship with horse trainer Bob Baffert. Baffert even named one of his horses, Bodemeister, after the skater!

While his horses did not necessarily achieve the greatest success, the sport became Miller’s passion. He became very interested in improving horse training methods. Coming from an Olympic background, he believes that horses should be treated like star athletes, not just animals.