Celebrities named in the trial of Amber Heard Johnny Depp

As part of the defamation trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, a number of celebrities were mentioned in Depp and Heard’s testimony. Recently while testifying on May 5, Heard claimed that Depp kicked her on a trip because he “hate” James Franco, with whom Heard was working on a movie at the time.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are currently involved in a defamation trial in Virginia. Depp initially sued Heard for defamation for $50 million after an article she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018 in which she said she was a “public figure who represents domestic violence.” Heard did not mention Depp by name but claimed that the article caused him to miss out on acting roles. I then heard Depp sued for $100 million.

As part of their testimonies, they named several celebrities by name including Marilyn Manson, Paul Bettany and Winona Ryder, all of whom have varying degrees of relevance to the case.

These are the celebrities named in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case so far:

Paul Bettany

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English actor Paul Bettany is Johnny Depp’s boyfriend and not only was he raised during this current trial but the exchange of text messages with Johnny was also part of Depp’s trial with The Sun last year.

At Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s current trial, Depp said during his testimony that Amber was jealous of his relationship with Paul and considered it a threat to their relationship.

Depp said: “Mrs. Heard despised Mr. Bettany, mainly because we became good friends, and for her, he was a threat and would take me away from her, as to whether Paul Bettany got my attention, it was a show stopper. It causes all kinds of hatred.”

Johnny Depp went on to say that Amber Heard teased Paul Bettany’s son while they were out for lunch with Bettany and his wife Jennifer Connoly.

Depp told the court: “He expressed his opinion, and Mrs. Heard demeaned that young man so much that he burst into tears and walked away.”

As part of the trial, Amber’s attorney Benjamin Rothenborn questioned Depp about his relationship with Bettany. Asked by Depp if he had taken drugs and drank with Bettany, Depp replied, “That’s a strange question,” but admitted to doing drugs and drinking with Bettany.

The text messages that were used in the trial with The Sun last year were also brought up by Rottenborn.

He read aloud the texts Depp sent about Amber to Bettany which read: “Let’s burn amber!!!” and “I will lose her cremated body afterwards to make sure she is dead.” Depp admitted to sending the texts.

While testifying earlier this week, Amber Heard alleged that Depp had been drinking with Paul Bettany while in London in 2014 and ended up being taken home by security as a “baby” and absent from work for several days.

Elon Musk and Cara Delevingne

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Billionaire Tesla dated Elon Musk, Amber Heard shortly after her split from Johnny.

In legal affidavits before the trial began, Musk’s name was brought up after he allegedly had a three-way affair with Heard and Cara Delevingne. The alleged trio reportedly happened in 2016 at Depp and Heard’s apartment in Los Angeles while Depp was away filming in Australia.

Speaking to Page Six Musk denied the allegations and said he only started dating Amber after she filed for divorce.

He said, “Kara and I are friends, but we’ve never been intimate. She’ll confirm this.

“Also, I would like to stress once again that Amber and I only started going out about a month after she filed for divorce. I don’t think I was ever near Amber during their marriage!”

Kara has not commented on the allegations. Elon Musk was included on the list of Amber Heard’s witnesses, but he was not prepared to appear in court.

During the trial, Depp and Heard’s former talent agent claimed that Heard was dating Musk while he was trying to get back together with Johnny.

James Franco

Amber Heard has known actor James Franco since 2008 when they worked on Pineapple Express together.

In 2014, Amber was set to work with Franco on another movie called The Adderall Diaries. During her testimony, Amber alleged that Johnny kicked her during a private trip due to her decision to accept an acting job alongside Franco.

She said Depp hated Franco and was yelling at her on a private trip. “He was really annoyed with me and in a lot of arguments accused me of not telling him the scenes I had, if I had a kissing scene,” she said.

Heard claimed when they were on the plane that Depp called her “sl*t” and threw items like ice cubes and eating utensils at her. She claimed he hit her in the face and kicked her in the back.

During his private testimony, Depp had previously admitted that the couple fought over Franco and it was believed that Heard had an affair with Franco during their marriage.

Depp claimed Heard was “actively looking” for an argument before boarding the plane as they had argued the night before.

Heard’s defense team listed Franco as a witness, but he is not expected to appear in court.

Eddie Redmayne

During her testimony, Amber Heard claimed that Johnny Depp accused her of having an affair with Eddie Redmayne.

In 2015, Amber Heard starred alongside Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl. “I felt like he thought I was sleeping with the director and then it was with the actor I was shooting with,” she said while she was away from filming in London that things were fine between her and Johnny even.

Heard explained that the actor was Eddie Redmayne. She said Deb called her at her hotel and when she didn’t answer the call right away he was angry.

She said, “We get into an argument. He was accusing me of that. [sleeping with] Eddie Redmayne. He thought I was working with Billy Bob Thornton but I actually worked with him a year ago. He was very upset about it.”

Winona Ryder

Actress Winona Ryder is an ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp and he originally had a tattoo dedicated to her that said “Winona Forever”, after their breakup he changed it to say “Winona Forever”.

During the trial, this tattoo dedicated to Winona appeared twice. Depp was initially asked if Heard had any issues with tattoos, and he claimed she had one with Winona’s tattoos.

Heard brought tattoos as she claimed when I asked Depp a question about tattoos, it was the first time he had ever hit her.

She said she asked about the tattoo because it looked like “black marks” and after he told her what it was she laughed and allegedly slapped her.

Heard told the court, “To me it looked like black marks, I didn’t know what he said. I said ‘What do you say?’ He said he was saying ‘Wino’ and I thought he was joking and I laughed. He slapped me in the face and I laughed.”

“I laughed because I didn’t know what else to do. I thought this was a joke. Because I didn’t know what was going on.”

Heard claimed to have slapped her three times and later apologized for it.

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