Celebrities pick sides between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

the actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard She wasn’t in the headlines much last week. The court will reconvene on Monday, May 16, to hear Heard question her on stage. The trial was halted due to a prior obligation on behalf of the judge.

The pair have been facing each other in Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia for just over two weeks now. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor is suing his ex-wife for $50 million in an opinion piece that Heard published in December 2018 for the Washington Post in which she claims she is a domestic violence survivor. Although it did not mention Depp by name, he claims he has lost movie roles due to the “clear suggestion” that he was the abuser of the “Aquaman” actress. Heard opposes $100 million.


Lots of fans weighed in on the trial, as did the celebrities. Although some celebrities have come out to support Heard, many celebrities have been throwing their support behind Depp…at least in the public eye.

Celebrities who support Amber Heard

It seems that there are only two big names supporting Amber Heard, and one of them is Howard Stern.

Howard Stern in Kimmel

As previously reported by The Blast, according to The Wrap, Stern called Depp a “narcissist” and said Depp wanted the trial broadcast on TV because narcissists “believe they can talk their way out of everything.”

“On the narcissistic scale, I think Johnny Depp is a huge narcissist — and what I mean by that is he thought ‘I’m going to put this on TV. “And because I’m so persuasive and I’m so smart, I’m a great guy,” Stern said.

He continued, “That’s what narcissists do: ‘I’m going to wear America’s pants on trial.’ No it won’t. It’s not going to go well for you, it’s not going well for her.” It’s not going well for anyone. It looks like you two kids are fighting. It just comes out really bad.”

Ellen Barkin in

The other obvious celebrities besides Heard is Ellen Barkin. Barkin is scheduled to testify shortly after Heard finishes her questioning.

The “Big Easy” actress had previously testified for Heard in Depp’s highly publicized trial against British tabloid The Sun in 2020, which he lost.

Parkin and Depp had previously dated in 1994. She corroborated Heard’s abuse testimony and testified that Depp was also abusing her when they were dating. At the 2020 trial, Barkin claimed that Depp once threw a bottle of wine across a hotel room and said he could feel jealous and angry.

Celebrities who support Johnny Depp


on May 12 Chris Rock Amber Heard has been criticized for allegations that she left her poop in his bed after a fight.

During his “Ego Death” world tour in the UK, Rock reportedly told the audience, “Believe all women, believe all women…except for Amber Heard.”

Although Heard seemed to say it was dog poop, Depp insisted to the carrier that he could tell the difference and he felt definitely human. Rock seems to believe in Depp, as he later added, “What do you want? She’s in his bed. She’s okay, but she’s not okay.”

Joe Rogan - Instagram

late last month, Joe Rogan He came out swinging against Heard in the “Joe Rogan Experience” and called Heard a “crazy lady.”

“I’m watching this trial, and it’s, say, a cautionary tale about believing in a bull—and making up a story in your head like, ‘We’re rebellious together,'” said Rogan.

“But that’s what happens to people like that,” Rogan said during his Tuesday evening podcast. “People who are barely fiddly and full of stuff — like that? [Comedian] Doug Stanhope knows her. Stanhope buddies with Johnny Depp. He wrote something…like a little article about how full it was — and I threatened to sue him, and I think he should have finished it.”

“He knows her very well,” Rogan claimed. “It’s like, ‘She’s lost her mind.’ Like, crazy actress.”

“The only good thing is that now everyone knows… something is wrong [Amber Heard],” he continued. “This is a huge win for Johnny Depp and a huge loss for Pirates of the Caribbean. I got rid of the best pirate I’ve ever had. crazy lady.”

Bill Borg
Instagram / wildfredburr

comedian Bill Borg He also came out swinging against Amber Heard. He claims to be “a big Johnny Depp fan” to watch the trial, but said Depp was “destroying” his hearing at the trial.

And the cool thing about this, is that if he really exposed this woman to her lie, I wonder — all these people, you know, accepted her lies about him if they would somehow apologize ’cause they ruined him,'” he continued, adding that it would be ‘nice’ if People publicly apologized and said, ‘Maybe next time we won’t rush to conclusions.

“It really amazes me how the pendulum doesn’t seem to be swinging the other way,” Burr continued. “That all these women’s groups when they see a woman lying like that, which really hurts their position because there are women in a relationship in which this woman clearly lied and claimed she was there when she wasn’t.”

“And for someone to come out and lie about it, it hurts the people who are already in it. So, you think they would cover this up.” “I think it really hurts feminism if we want more men to come along.”

“If this goes in the direction that you’re saying everything she was saying was totally bull… Burr said of Heard’s claims.” [win]Which makes me happy.”

Ireland Baldwin at the official premiere of Justin Bieber: Seasons

Men weren’t the only ones who showed their support for Depp. Ireland Baldwinthe eldest daughter of the actor Alec BaldwinShe called Heard a “terrible person” in an Instagram story during the trial in late April.

“The thing is, I know women exactly like that,” she said. “They are manipulative and cold and use their very femininity to play the victim and turn the world against the man because we live in a society where it’s cool to say that all men are at their worst.”

While it’s clear that Depp has more of the celebrity backing, there’s no telling how this experience will ultimately turn out.