Celebrities who won and lost in the 2022 elections

Many celebrities took their chance and ran for national and local office in the 2022 elections. Some won, others lost.

Among the big winners from Showbizlandia is actor Robin Padilla who not only won but also led the Senate race with over 26 million votes.

In Quezon City – nicknamed “The City of Stars” – actor-turned-politician, Argo Ataide, was hailed as Quezon City’s 1st District congressman, while Aiko Melendez and Alfred Vargas won as Quezon City’s 5th district councilors. Var Gas’s brother, the Prime Minister, won as a member of Congress for the Fifth District; Ravi Tolvo’s son, Ralph, has been announced as a Quezon City 2nd District Congressman.

Meanwhile, Viko Soto, son of comedian Vic Soto, has been declared mayor of Pasig City. Former basketball player Dudt Robert Jaworski Jr. has won the vice mayor. Actor Kiko Rostia and actress Angelo de Leon were both pro-advisers of the 1st and 2nd Pasig Districts, respectively.

Vandolph Quezon and Jumari Yelana are declared advisors to District One in Paranik. Ryan Yelana also won as Counsellor for Paranik District II.

Basketball players Paul Anthony Artadi and James Yap won the first San Juan District Council members. Mackie Mathie, a friend of the Sunshine Cruz, also won the position of Second District Counsellor in San Juan.

Actor Yul Servo defeated fellow actor Raymond Bagatsingh as Vice Mayor of Manila. Comedian Lo Veloso has won a member of the Sixth District Council in Manila.

Heading into the provinces, his former fellow “Benoy Big Brother” Ijay Falcone has been appointed deputy governor of Oriental Mindoro. Nina Jose-Coyambau, also a former associate of the Pinoy Big Brother, is now the new mayor of Payambang Township in Pangasinan, replacing her husband, outgoing Mayor Cesar Cuyambau.

Lucy Torres-Gómez was declared mayor of Ormoc while her husband, Richard Gomez, was hailed as the convict of the Fourth District of Leyte.

Jason Abalos won as a board member in the second district of Nueva Ecija. Dan Fernandez won as representative of Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Blaney Mercado was hailed as a congresswoman for Cavitt’s 1st District. Her son, Jolo Rivella, won as a congressman for Cavett’s first district. Nash Aguas won as a council member in Cavite County’s lonely county.

Jay Khongun, friend of Echo Melendez, was welcomed by the first neighborhood of Zambales Congressman, Olongapo.

Daniel Fernando was re-elected as governor of Bulacan while Alex Castro won as deputy governor of Bulacan. Actor Javi Benitez, friend of Sue Ramirez, is the new mayor of Negros Occidental.

However, not all stars were so lucky.

In the national position, Tito Soto lost third in the VP race while Herbert Bautista and Monsor del Ro-Sario failed to reach the top 12 in the Senate.

Roderick Paulette, Bobby Andrews and Melissa Mendes all failed to get enough votes to be elected as chancellors in different areas of Quezon City.

It was the same story for Archie Muñoz and Dennis Padilla who were hoping to win as advisors at Kayenta and Caloocan, respectively; Claudine Barretto and Arnold Vijafria (counsellor and mayor of Olongapo City); Richard Yap (Congressman, 1st District, Cebu City); and Imelda Papin (Governor of Camarines Sur).