Chicago news report: South Side soldier, missing since 1950, finally returns home

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The South Side Soldier, missing since 1950, finally returns home

It was David B. Milano, born in Chicago, protector of his sister Delores – that was until he went to war in Korea and never came back.

Army soldier, David Milano is reported missing in December 1950.

David Milano is finally home this week — and his remains are returned to the family in a flag-wrapped coffin. His funeral is tomorrow. His sister won’t be there. She died seven years ago, unaware that his remains had been found.

“For some reason, my mom thought, in her heart and mind, that they would always find him,” said Kevin Jordan, one of Delores Milan’s three children, who lives in Leighton, Utah.

In 2018, then-President Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The summit did not lead to a lasting easing of tensions. But, as a goodwill gesture, 55 boxes of the remains of unidentified American soldiers were taken to Hawaii.

Two years ago, David Milan’s family learned – thanks to a DNA test – that Box 24 contained the femur and skeletal remains of the missing soldier.

Those remains arrived Tuesday at Salt Lake City International Airport. Kevin Jordan and his brother and sister Delores Petion were on the tarmac under overcast skies when an American Airlines plane approached the gate. The pilot politely asked the passengers to remain in their seats while the military honor guard removed Milan’s coffin.

David Milano’s funeral tomorrow. He will get a 21 salute. Jordan said his sister’s second-class rosary from the First Communion would be placed in the casket with his remains.

Stefano Esposito has more on Milan back here.

More news you need

  1. Determined to make it “official” sometime “soon,” Lori Lightfoot told Lynn Sweet today that she will seek a second term as mayor of Chicago. Sweet says Lightfoot’s run for another term certainly isn’t surprising.
  2. In other mayoral election news, US Representative Mike Quigley announced this morning that he will not enter the race to try to unseat Lightfoot next year. Read Fran Spielman’s analysis of Quigley’s decision to join Arne Duncan in the 2023 Chicago Mayor’s Run.
  3. Cook County prosecutors have dismissed criminal charges against a man allegedly involved in a shootout near the North Side on Sunday evening in which 68 shots were fired. Cook County court records show that the 20-year-old was charged with a misdemeanor for possessing a handgun without a valid FOID card.
  4. A 16-year-old has been charged with car theft of four separate drivers at gunpoint this year as well as car theft with a young child in the back seat. Chicago police said she was arrested yesterday in the Lower West Side and charged with four counts of four counts of aggravated auto theft with a firearm.
  5. A UPS driver is accused of stealing $187,000 worth of high-end retail packages from his route and dropping them off at his South Side home, according to Chicago police. The 26-year-old allegedly stole packages of Louis Vuitton merchandise during a two-week period this month.


Furniture store owners in Logan Square take center stage at HGTV’s new home rehab show

Meg and Joe Percy learned about the savings and creativity that will be featured on Chicago’s upcoming HGTV show “Renovation Goldmine” when the couple found themselves on the verge of falling apart and about to have children 10 years ago.

“A neighbor gave us a piece of furniture that Meg and I painted, and we listed it on Craigslist the next day and we sold it for $80, and we were like, ‘Holy cow! Let’s do this again, said Joe Percy.

The couple began to search everywhere they could, from the alleys to the stores of the Salvation Army.


Meg and Joe Percy, stars of HGTV’s new home rehab program “Renovation Goldmine.”

Eventually, they opened a small storefront near Montrose and Ashland avenues before moving to their current location at 2728 N. Elston Ave.

Their shop, which has blossomed into a full-service home décor store, is called MegMade — two words Joe Percy said are naturally appropriate and perpetually absurd as he bragged about his wife.

A regular flow of updates and DIY ideas posted on their Instagram account made the show that led to the HGTV opportunity. The show will feature the couple working with homeowners and contractors to rehabilitate and renovate up to five rooms in the home.

Mitch Doddick has more on Percy’s husband’s new show here.

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