Clynes becomes new owner of Blossom & Bride | News

Sheldon – The idea of ​​owning a Blossom and Pride boutique in downtown Sheldon was first planted in the minds of Shannon and Brian Klein about a year ago.

It took a while to take root, but once that was done, all that was required was proper timing.

Caroline Marshall, former owner of Blossom & Bride Boutique at 314 Ninth St. , an April 1 Facebook video announcing that Sheldon High School alumni Shannon and Brian Klein will be the new owners of her own flower, home décor and apparel store.

Shannon has been running Blossom & Bride Boutique, with some help from Caroline to get her feet under her feet, for about two weeks now.

“It’s so exciting, it was so much fun meeting people and seeing people that I already knew, and it was so fun diving into that,” Shannon said. “Having Caroline as a teacher, helping me with the transition and supervising me to make sure I fully understand it, she has been great at that. I have been taking notes.”

Caroline had a few inquiries from potential owners, and it turns out the Clynes felt the right fit.

It’s a very good family, and they are good people,” Caroline said. “He has a good business sense and Shannon has worked at the Crossroads Pavilion event center, and we do a full service wedding there. I was able to see her attention to detail firsthand. I was watching Shannon without her knowledge and I think she was very careful and very smart about expectations in the industry.”

It looks like owning Blossom & Bride Boutique was meant to be for Clynes.

Caroline posted about a year ago that she was offering the store for sale, and Shannon saw the post.

“When I had that opportunity, it was constantly in the back of my mind, just kind of ‘Should I do this? Shannon said.

She talked to her husband about the idea, and he wasn’t quite on board at first.

“After a while, I kind of thought about it and said, ‘I want to hear it, and see what you’re thinking,'” Brian said.

Therefore, the couple considered the possibility of owning a little more Blossom & Bride but decided to hold off again.

“I kind of said to Brian, ‘If you keep coming back, you’re supposed to be,'” Shannon said.

Two months later, the boutique was still for sale when Clynes decided to approach Caroline about ownership.

“I brought it up again, and I said, ‘If you still think you want to do this, let’s dive deeper,’ and here we go,” Brian said. Everything just kind of kept working really well. Everything fell into place.”

The job is right in Shannon Alley. She worked at the Terrace View Event Center in Sioux Center as a 2015-2017 Banquet Manager before joining Crossroads Pavilion Events Center in Sheldon as the 2017-18 Events Coordinator.

Shannon also holds a degree in Business Administration and Event Planning from the University of Iowa in Iowa City.

“I have had a lot of experience with different types of events from weddings to corporate meetings to quincineras,” Shannon said. “I have some experience with customer service too. Putting things in order.”

She has been busy since leaving the suite. The couple Klein, who got married in 2018, live in Brimgar, and they have two children – 2-year-old Carter and 4-month-old Peyton.

Brian said it was fun to see his wife return to a field of work she enjoys.

“Part of jumping into it,” he said, “is that she was eager to do more.” “She kind of wanted to get back into event planning, in that kind of field, and that kind of seemed like a good fit in that regard.”

The boutique is a whole different world for Brian, the parts manager at AgriVision in Paulina, but he’ll help out on some busy holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Mostly as a delivery driver, though. Laugh at the idea of ​​creating floral arrangements.

“It’s better for everyone if I don’t,” Brian said.

He will leave this part of the work to his wife.

“I’ve always enjoyed decorating and have that eye for that,” Shannon said. “I’m very particular about something. I’m not one to put it together and then there. I like to make sure it’s just right. I’m very keen on details and these little things are just things I look for and watch.”

Blossom & Bride boutique is more than just flowers, it offers many home décor items and different clothing options for ladies along with chocolates that can be paired with floral arrangements.

The store’s downtown items grew when Caroline listened to what her customers wanted—the same approach Shannon plans to take with the store.

“Caroline has done an amazing job the way she is,” Shannon said. “I want to see what my customers need before making any changes because I am not someone who is going to make a set of changes. I want to make sure that I meet my customers’ wants and needs and what they are looking for.”

One addition Shannon is not opposed to the potential expansion of the event and wedding planning part of the business since she has a background in both.

“It’s exciting and it’s just a kind of new adventure,” Shannon said. “It’s exciting to go through a transition.”