Couple Johnny reveals a serial catfish targeting celebrities, GAA players, and even Garda

The announcers of Johnnies’ second podcast spotted a chain catfish targeting celebrities, GAA operators, and even Garda.

Radio host Johnny B had previously revealed that he had been hit by a girl on Instagram.

The two discovered Johnny's main catfish


The two discovered Johnny’s main catfishCredit: Ruth Medjer
The 2 Johnnies podcasters, Johnny B and Johnny Smacks


The 2 Johnnies podcasters, Johnny B and Johnny SmacksCredit: Instagram

Since talking about the strange incident, the boys have received a huge number of emails and calls from famous Irish men who have also fallen victim to the same catfish.

The scammer made up a number of different accounts and names, pretending to be friends to deceive the guys.

“It’s mind-boggling, don’t expect this to happen in Ireland, it’s another level***,” said Johnny Smacks.

The stars of RTE revealed some of the crazy stories guys made about catfish in their podcast today.

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A famous footballer, who remained anonymous, called The 2 Johnnies and claimed that the fraudster followed him somewhere in England and took pictures of him without his knowledge.

Johnny B explained, “I spoke on the phone to 12 men from the world of sports and entertainment who all claim to have been beaten up with fake accounts they run.

“One of these men is also a member of An Gardai Siochana.”

“No one asked for money,” he added.

Some scammer victims went to Garda to report it but nothing was done to help.

Johnny B said: “To varying degrees, these men have been emotionally exploited by these fake accounts.

“Three of these guys confirmed they had gone to Gardai and PSNI about it, and Gardai and PSNI told them there was probably nothing they could do about it.

“We have multiple third-party sources of over 30 men, famous men from the GAA and entertainment world, who were dumped by the same fake Instagram accounts.”

The Tipperary native revealed that some men sent this fake account “intimate photos” of themselves.

‘Something terrible’

He said: “We heard that most of these men received intimate pictures from these fake accounts and when they were asked to return them some of the men told me they were obligated to do so.

“If you ask 30 to 50 men, one of them will give you back.”

“There are people that have been affected by this, and their lives have been affected and it has to stop,” added Johnny Smacks.

The broadcast operator claimed that the fake account posted footage of his hometown and his dog even after he blocked it.

He explained, “Also, on her Instagram account in the weeks after she was confronted and banned – there were several stories of Cahir.

“Pictures from all over our Cahir house and location tag. Also, there were Instagram stories of my two dogs, Goojun.

“Another terrible thing sent to him was that she and I were walking on Valentine’s Day. The photo errand she did is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”


A professional athlete from Northern Ireland claims to have been cheated on by the same catfish eight years ago.

The fraudster allegedly turned into a stalker and followed him everywhere, including at his brother’s funeral.

Johnny B explained, “When they went to meet up for a date, she canceled the last minute because she got sick. The next time, a relative passed away.

“I once canceled an appointment because she fell into a coma.

Via Facebook, she introduced him to her best friend [who was actually herself].

“He confronted his best friend about him being a catfish and she denied it.

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“He told her she had come too far, showing up everywhere he was and anywhere to try to meet him. She even went to his brother’s funeral.”

“Ah, that’s too far,” added Johnny Smacks.