D.OASIS and Human X Club, along with 30 of their partners and 25 top celebrities, have launched “D.OASIS, The Sandbox Metaverse”

D.OASIS and Human X Club, along with 30 of their partners and 25 top celebrities, have launched “D.OASIS, The Sandbox Metaverse”

D.OASIS, the go-to place for the Metaverse and NFT Ecocystem, along with Human X Club, have teamed up with 30 leading organizations and 25 celebrities to build a global Metaverse community, “D.OASIS, Sandbox Metaverse”. The standout feature of the platform is the strong integration of partners from different industries on the same global Metaverse platform. It aims to lead Thailand to be Web3’s leader in Asia and plans to expand partners across Asia to 100 organizations over the next year.

Mr. Sirikiat Bunworaset, CEO of D.OASIS said, “D.OASIS is with 30 leading organizations in Thailand such as; J Ventures, Index Creative Village, Eventpass, WARRIX, Prakit Holdings, Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU), Asava Group, LDA World, Mission to the Moon, Smallroom and in collaboration with 25 prominent Thai celebrities of Human X Club, D.OASIS launched , The Sandbox Metaverse’. It is a global virtual world that connects business, entertainment, creativity, education and lifestyle together, which will help launch Thailand to become Asia’s leader in the era of Web3 and Metaverse.”

In addition, D.OASIS announced the purchase of land on the Sandbox Metaverse, one of the best global Metaverse platforms, built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology, which has already attracted many global powers and celebrities, such as; Adidas, Gucci, HSBC, Atari, The Walking Dead, Shibuya 109, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton and more, D.OASIS aims to build the largest sandbox community in Thailand and one of the best in Asia. It is expected to start operating in the third quarter of this year.

The main strength of D.OASIS is to include strong partners across various industries on one global platform to create diverse user experiences. At the same time, on the part of the partners, their resources and strengths will be shared across the platform. Companies that want to enter the Metaverse do not have to make huge investments in technology and user adoption. They will step into the D.OASIS platform which already has a huge client base. This will allow all partners to grow together quickly and efficiently. D.OASIS, the Sandbox Metaverse, will be a diverse city rich in entertainment, culture, education, sports, performances, music, shopping, office areas and gaming from D.OASIS’s many partners. The city is also positioned as a world class tourist destination for the global community fascinated by “Thainess” and aims to attract large numbers of foreign players to the D.OASIS Metaverse. OASIS expects to expand its partners across Asia to reach 100 organizations by 2023.”

D.OASIS also plans a number of exclusive events throughout the year for D.OASIS partners and members, both in the Metaverse and In Real Life Events (IRL). The first IRL event will take place in the third quarter of this year, where D.OASIS proudly presents “VJ Woonsen, Metaverse Open House,” a tour of VJ Woonsen’s home in D.OASIS, The Sandbox Metaverse.

In addition, D.OASIS launched the massive NFT project “Human X Club NFT”, with 25 leading Thai celebrities, including Tattoo Color artists, Polycat, Pyra, Golf Pichaya, Mike Angelo, Chin Chinawut and VJ Woonsen; National Athletes, Kaween Thamsachanan, Thirathon Ponmathan, Narupadin and Wirawatnodom; Entrepreneurs / Key Opinion Leaders, Kaykai Salaider and many more. They will all collaborate with renowned NFT artist, Cuscus the Cuckoos, under the “Beyond Human X” concept to create the “Phygital” Utility NFT that combines the physical world with the realm of the Metaverse. The first set will have a total of 7,000 unique characters, and it is expected that they will be available in the market in the very near future.

Human X Club NFT owners will get exclusive access to the D.OASIS and Sandbox Metaverse in the third quarter of this year, where Thai and Asian celebrities will be among the likes of world famous brands and this will be one of the most important windows in Asia to access the world of Metaverse and NFT, along with Exclusive access to the “Human X Club Party House” featuring various events such as concerts, games and parties with 25 Human X Club celebrities.

Mr. Sirikit added: “D.OASIS estimates that there are currently 700,000 Thai people in the Metaverse on major platforms such as The Sandbox, Roblox and Fortnite. This number will rapidly rise to 22 million or a third of Thailand’s total population by 2027. This growth rate is similar to the beginning of The emergence of social media about ten years ago.Although Metaverse and Web3 are two very new technologies that are still in the early adoption stage and entering the stage of mass adoption, Thai companies must become familiar with these new technologies or they will be left behind.D.OASIS is The perfect platform to connect technology and experience across all dimensions to the world of Metaverse and NFT.”

Mr. Thanawat Lirtuatanarak, CEO of J Ventures stated, “Technology adoption is definitely something every CEO is constantly thinking about. Besides the results of two fundamental changes in this era, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the introduction of Web 3 technology, every business needs to adapt quickly to technologies changing”. He added that J Ventures is ready to support the expansion of D.OASIS, The Sandbox Metaverse into the global community.

Mr. Kriengkrai Kanjanapokin, CEO of Index Creative Village Plc revealed. The heart of the entertainment business is creating unforgettable experiences. In the real world, there are myriad limitations such as location, cost, or even imagination. But in Metaverse, we’re able to create experiences without borders as Index prepares to launch world-class entertainment in D.OASIS. “

Dr. Darika Lathipat, President of Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU), added that “DPU is ready to introduce the new Thai generations to the world of Web3 by creating the ‘Learn-to-Earn’ platform at D.OASIS. DPU has also partnered with D.OASIS to advance the NFTs in the education sector, with Airdrop making DPU Genesis NFTs available to every student, starting this academic year.”

This was said by Mr. Wisan Wanasaksrisakul, CEO of WARRIX SPORT PLC. “The Metaverse connects the real world with the virtual. For the sports industry, it is undoubtedly a game-changer that has pioneered new business models and changed the way sports companies earn income. The company will soon introduce WARRIX Land in D.OASIS, which will serve as a gathering place for the sports community. and esports and different types of events.”

Mr. Apirak Apisarnthanarak, Managing Director of Prakit Advertising Co., Ltd. said: “The future of advertising will evolve along with many emerging innovative advertising formats, Prakit Advertising plans to establish a ‘Creators District’ in D.OASIS. It will serve as a playground for people to exchange Creative ideas and brands to interact with uses in an innovative way, under the concept of “create to earn”.

Mr. Eakkanit Chansawang, CEO and Co-founder of Eventthai Co., Ltd. Eventpass will introduce ‘TRAMS Park’, a world-class shopping destination along with a theme park. There will be plenty of space for Thai and international brands to interact with consumers. Players will be able to play, have fun and shop at the same time.”

Gear up for D.OASIS, the Sandbox Metaverse, 30 Leading Partners and 25 Human X Club Famous for the third quarter of this year!