DaBaby, Rick Ross and 4 other international celebrities have stormed Nigeria so far in 2022

  • Nigeria seems to have attracted the attention of a number of international stars who went during their recent visit to the country
  • In just the first few months of 2022, a few international celebrities have graced their presence
  • Legit.ng has compiled a list of some notable foreign celebrities who visited the country and how it went

There is no doubt that Nigeria has been enjoying a lot of great PR lately, mostly due to the entertainment industry and the actions of the youth in the country.

Despite the country’s many downsides, a number of international stars have continued to show great interest in partnering with Nigeria and it doesn’t look like that will stop soon.

International celebrities in Nigeria
International celebrities visiting Nigeria in 2022. Photos: richforever, @floydmayweather,dababy, @patrice.evra
Source: Instagram

In the year 2022, a number of top global celebrities from various fields are keen to honor the country with their presence for many reasons, and Legit.ng has compiled a list of them.

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see below:

1. Rick Ross:

Rick Ross, a famous American rapper and businessman, was in Nigeria recently where he chaired various shows to celebrate Easter. The visit of the music star in the country caused quite a stir especially after Nigerian artist, MI, claimed that the rappers from the country did not get a high rating given that they did not get special access to the global superstar.

Rick Ross stayed for a few days in Nigeria and was in two major cities, Lagos and Abuja. His shows were also a huge success.

2. Dababy:

The presence of this American rapper in Nigeria came unexpectedly and it seemed that the only prominent singer, Davido, was aware of his visit. Soon after DaBaby arrived in Lagos, he enjoyed the fun and nightlife of the city while hanging out with Davido. The global star has even made headlines with his generosity as he has been known to give $100 or more to people. DaBaby’s bodyguard also seemed to enjoy the country and was seen collecting the phone number from a girl on the island of Lagos while filming a video.

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3 – Porsha Williams:

This American reality show star visited Nigeria to present a surprise to her boyfriend in Edo State, Simon Jobadiya. Simon had no idea that Porsha was coming and planned the surprise with one of her friends. The beautiful video spread on social media. The reality show star stayed in the country for several days and enjoyed delicious Nigerian food, Nigerian traditional costumes, and more. The famous couple mostly went out with Davido and his crew.

4 – Floyd Mayweather:

The American Boxing Champion, Floyd Mayweather, recently visited Nigeria and was hosted by top politicians. The international superstar has reportedly come to the country on a talent hunt. But his visit caused an uproar after veteran singer Daddy Shouki criticized his hosts for not including Nigerian boxers in Mayweather’s visit to the country.

5 – Patrice Evra:

The former Manchester United player visited Nigeria and made sure to go to an unexpected place, Oshodi Underbridge, where he played chess with talented young players. It looks like they had a great match and the legendary footballer shared videos from his visit on his social media pages.

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6. Theon Wayne:

This British rapper of Nigerian origin was very excited to visit his home country in April 2022. Tune Wayne visited his grandfather’s house, mingled with the residents and generally had a great time. Pictures and videos from his Nigerian visit have spread online.

It is interesting to note that Nigeria appears to be doing something right considering the rate at which international stars visit the country.

Huge crowd welcomes DaBaby in Lagos

Lawful I previously reported that DaBaby arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, and was welcomed by fans on the always crowded streets.

The rapper shared a video of the moment a huge crowd gathered around him to give him an amazing reception in the city.

In the video, fans struggled to get their hands on him and a man was heard advising the rapper to hold his phone tightly.

Source: Legit.ng