DVIDS – News – Readiness and Resiliency through Fitness

Pilots often set personal goals during deployment. Some are furthering their education, while others are learning to play a musical instrument or reach financial goals.

Many pilots assigned to the 332d Air Expeditionary Wing set personal fitness goals to improve their fitness assessment scores, general health and act as a stress reliever.

“I am very proud to listen to our customers and get specific equipment or offer fitness classes to help them achieve their goals,” said Billy Miles, director of Legends Fitness Center. “By offering fun running shows, sports matches and monthly challenges, we can directly and positively raise morale.”

Flyers who are intent on achieving fitness goals or who need to de-stress find time to go to the gym to work out individually or participate in group activities. Weightlifting is one of the best entertainment for fitness enthusiasts in a popular environment.

The “Strongest in the Area of ​​Responsibility” was the recent powerlifting competition sponsored by the USAF Central Command among all five Air Survey Wings within the AFC’s AOR. Lieutenant-General Anthony Bilal, 332d Expeditionary Squadron’s contracting officer and construction flight commander, has been selected this year as the strongest male in the area of ​​responsibility.

“I enjoy challenging myself and competitions like this are a great opportunity to do this with others who enjoy the same thing,” Bilal said. “This competition helped me get a reference point for who I am as I work towards achieving my training goals for the fall competition.”

Bilal said the opportunity to increase his fitness training helped him focus on mastering his craft and allowed him to keep his spirits high by lifting weights.

“Being fit to fight is important in everyday life,” Bilal said. “The sport of powerlifting has helped me embrace it with both physical strength and mental fortitude.”

The Air Force emphasizes the concept of a complete pilot that requires a solid foundation of fitness as an aspect of complete health.

“Physically fit members enhance readiness, miss fewer workdays, and reduce the workload of medical staff at the facility,” said Miles.

Physical fitness not only improves overall health but also builds resilient fighters.

“An essential part of fitness is creating a thoughtful resilience plan by making it a priority,” said the senior sergeant. Sean Milligan, commander of the 332d Air Reconnaissance Wing. “What better environment than posting when you can focus on those personal fitness goals.”

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