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    The end of spring when sleepers update their existing home style and bedroom decor for a fresh mood and vibe, just in time for the new season. Bedscher, a leading manufacturer of home textiles with more than 17 million cozy customers served to date, recognizes the growing popularity of the minimalist décor style, especially in the summer season, and recommends the following tips for achieving elevated elegance with a simple twist while maintaining warmth and comfort.

    Stay monochromatic.

    Minimalism is often associated with fewer shades of color that bond together harmoniously without distracting contrasts. For example, instead of the strong contrast between black and white, the variation in gray conveys a simple, more subtle tone. The following bedure duvet covers and comforters are ideal for those seeking a change of minimum.

    Soft microfiber duvet cover set

    The Bedure Brushed Microfiber Duvet Cover Set is a simple complete duvet cover set that delivers unmatched elegance with extraordinary softness. This luxurious microfiber bedding set is crafted in a colorful yet subtle modern palette. The twelve color options make the duvet cover the perfect choice for all simplicity. Currently ranked as a top seller on Amazon, the duvet cover set’s 100% polyester microfiber microfiber is number one in sales and is precision-polished for ultimate comfort, allowing sleepers in comfort while getting style.

    Available in 12 colors and full-size options, the Bedure Brushed Microfiber Duvet Cover Set is priced at just $20.99 before discounts.

    cationic bedding set

    The bedure Cationic Comforter set has been one of the most popular Bedure comforter sets since it debuted in 2020. Amazon’s Choice comforter set is filled with 300 GSM polyester filling and provides an unusual puff to keep any sleeper warm and comfortable for all seasons. In addition, the polished cationic dyeing veneer provides a simple and elegant dual-color visual experience. Now available in six color options, including the all-new Gray, Greyish Blue, Greyish Green, Khaki, Beige and Pink. Additionally, this comforter set is available in Twin, Queen, King, and California King sizes, making it suitable for minimalist sleepers in all types of bedrooms and beds.

    texture and pattern

    Contrary to popular belief, simplicity does not mean being empty when it comes to texture and pattern. Delicate and elegant, yet simple style, such as simple stripe patterns, zigzag bones, and corduroy can prevent the simple design from being monotonous. Graphic design can also convey the mood of a simple, minimalist, like this Bleaker duvet cover set. Simplicity is a subtle design element that adds variety and dimension to an object without being overstated. The following products are Bedure’s that take subtle engagements in the sleeping space.

    floral duvet cover set

    The Bladeshore Floral Duvet Cover Set brings a fresh botanical springtime style to any bedroom. The subtle color options available in this duvet cover set don’t overpower the interior and will blend in with any minimalist bedroom. Plus, elegant floral prints on both sides of the duvet cover set allow sleepers to mix and match their bedding style and customize it according to their mood and preference.

    As a new version of the SS22, the Bedure Floral duvet cover set comes in Queen and King sizes and three colors, including gray, green and pink, and starts at just $29.99 before discounts.

    Corduroy comforter set

    Bedure Corduroy Pattern Comforter Set is a new version of SS22 designed for warmer days ahead. Detailed channel stitching accentuates valleys in a corduroy style and brings sophistication and elegance to any bedroom. Contrasting color edges take the plain quilt into an unusual new visual dimension, while high-strength stitches connect across the surface of the fabric for long-term durability.

    This comforter set is made from 100% polyester microfiber to keep sleepers warm and cool on warmer days, making it an excellent choice for minimalists looking to switch up their existing bedding for the new season. Starting at $48.99, the Bedure Corduroy Pattern Quilt Set is available in Queen and King sizes and three visually appealing color options, including gray, sky blue, white, sky blue, white, and burnt orange.

    Neutral colors

    Neutral and cool-toned colors, such as beige, creamy white, or sandy pink, are the go-to for a minimalist feel. They are elegantly shaded without being overpowered. They express the characters without shouting. The following home accessories from Bedsshore are perfect additions to the simplicity of any home.

    Waffle weave blanket with fringe

    As one of the newest members of the Pedzor Waffle Wave family, the Bledsher Waffle Wave Blanket with Tassels is made of 100% cotton for superior breathability. Elegant waffle weaving craftsmanship ensures freshness, comfort and durability.

    The classic, cool, and elegant waffle weave design complements a simple, minimalist home design without being overdone and is the perfect accessory to any existing home as a decorative item or functional warming blanket.

    Bedure Waffle Weave Blanket with Tassels starts at just $39.99 and is available in three colors, including beige, gray and white, and three sizes, including Twin, Queen, and King.

    More different styles of Bedsure home textile products can be found on’s official store page:

    About Bedzor

    From the moment you wake up until the second you fall asleep, Bedsher aims to make you and your family happy. Founded in 2016, Bedzor is a leading manufacturer of home textiles with products sold to more than 15 million customers worldwide. Since its founding, Bedure has maintained a compound growth rate of 100% for five consecutive years. While Bedure has grown into a global company with diverse products to meet the needs of different customers, its focus on comfortable home products and everyday value remains the same.

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