Famous automakers make luxury luxury yachts

    The makers of some of the world’s most sought-after supercars have created some of the fastest, most luxurious and most eco-friendly superyachts | Source: Benetti

    Porsche and Lamborghini aren’t usually the names that come to mind when we think of superyachts. However, they are household names in the world of motoring excellence, and they are now taking the world by storm, having designed and built their very own superyachts – which are, well, the stuff that dreams are made of.

    If you have always wanted to go on a luxury cruise in the Caribbean, spend your days relaxing in a spa with a team of chefs, masseuses and hairdressers or if you feel the need for sea speed, then these luxury jets are definitely for you.

    Hybrid technology, multiple chassis, incredibly powerful giant engines; Here are some of the most admired yachts by auto manufacturers.

    Porsche Royal Falcon One

    A stylish 41-meter luxury yacht designed by the independent design studio of Porsche in Austria, this spaceship-inspired catamaran was intended to be operated as a time-sharing arrangement with several owners but those plans were scrapped after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. .

    Originally, exclusively invited “Royal Falcon Club” members were only able to stay at luxury properties in Tuscany, North Carolina and Parma between trips aboard the Royal Falcon Fleet, now, the only completed ship, the Royal Falcon One is for sale from Denison Yachting for 34,540 000 Australian dollars.

    The all-aluminum Royal Falcon One is fast and futuristic, with Star Trek-style interiors and a pair of massive 4,615-hp MTU engines, giving it a top speed of 37 knots and a cruising speed of 30 knots. It can comfortably accommodate 10 guests and 10 crew members in its 5 luxurious interior cabins, a huge saloon and vast on-board spaces meaning yachting parties happen frequently.

    Everything seems unsurprising. When you hit the gas pedal, it rolls forward like an airplane taking off. Its top speed of 37 knots is fast, but it feels Is that true Fast when overtaking other boats.

    Martin Finn den Berg, captain of the Royal Falcon One

    Inspired by a trip to Australia where he rode a high-speed cat designed by Sydney-based marine engineers who specialize in fast cats Inkat Crowther, CEO of Royal Falcon Fleet, MA Zaman said he loved the stability you get from the two hulls, and the massive interior space. Porsche was commissioned to develop a radical design for a superyacht and they delivered it.

    Technomar Lamborghini 63

    First seen in 2021, the Cyan-inspired ‘Lamborghini on the Water’, the hybrid speed car and the culmination of the car manufacturer’s efforts to create a more eco-friendly supercar that still showcases superb speed, is fast, extremely powerful and features a unique Lamborghini design.

    A collaboration between Lamborghini and Italian Sea Group, the 20-meter vessel is powered by two MAN 24 liter twin-turbo diesel engines producing a total of 3,945 hp helping the vessel reach a top speed of 60 knots. The flip side of all this speed is that the range is limited to a relatively short 210 nautical miles. But this fast speedboat wasn’t meant to cross the Atlantic, it’s at home making tours of the Monaco marina.

    Aerodynamic Lamborghini Cars This Lamborghini boat is aerodynamic, steps and glides on the underside of the hull create lift and sits the boat above the water at high speeds. The extended roof also provides less resistance to aerodynamics, everything about this boat is a reflection of Lamborghini’s reputation for producing fast machines.

    The interiors are functional, yet luxurious and pay tribute to the beautiful interiors of Lamborghini supercars, the color scheme of the exteriors is fully customizable, and the first example was delivered in the colors of the Italian flag with the liberal use of gold. The ultra-lightweight hull is made of a special “carbon leather” that helps the yacht achieve its incredible speed. UFC legend Conor McGregor recently bought Tecnomar for a Lamborghini 63 for A$5.17 million.

    Porsche / Dynamic GTT 115

    Not satisfied with its future-focused efforts to create a speed catamaran, Studio FA Porsche has worked to reduce carbon emissions and design a hybrid superyacht that can comfortably cross the Atlantic and offer passengers a unique experience.

    Studio FA Porsche teamed up with Monaco-based yachting company Dynamiq to deliver speed and superior capabilities with the GTT 115, they wanted to make a boat that showcased Porsche’s high-end design cues but still felt like a super-luxury yacht. The ship clearly drew inspiration from Porsche’s huge range of sports cars and performance was always a top priority for the project.

    Auto super yacht
    Source: Dynamiq

    By combining power, speed, range and sporty design, we and our partner Dynamiq have created a Grand Turismo for the seas that is unparalleled worldwide.

    Roland Heiler, Managing Director of Studio FA Porsche

    With architecture from the reputable Dutch company Van Oossanen, the 35-meter superyacht has a range of 3000 nautical miles at 10 knots thanks to its efficient MAN V12-1800 engines, which produce 1,324 kW and can power the ship at a maximum speed of 23 knots. The unique displacement structure has a round burr shape for lower resistance and lower fuel consumption, and the arc spray is reduced by an integrated spray bar.

    There is space for eight guests and 6 crew members in 4 formal rooms, and the racing interiors of this yacht really shine. The main deck is surprisingly large and includes a pop-up grill, jacuzzi, sun decks, and wet bar, all beautifully simple in design, with high-quality leather, marble and carbon fiber, and an integrated Bowers and Wilkins sound system.

    The GTT 115 retails for A$22.96 million and a new one can be built in 24 months, and there is a range of GT yachts available for purchase ranging from the 27m GTM 90 Transformer to the 50m G 500 Hybrid.

    Henrik Fisker / Benetti Fisker 50

    Senior automotive designer Henrik Fischer of the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9 and famed Aston Martin V8 Vantage designed the plans for this concept yacht in 2016 with the help of leading yacht builders Benetti. The 50m concept has yet to be built but offers future owners a host of onboard features and luxurious extras.

    The Fisker 50 is filled with all the unique styling cues one would expect from one of the world’s best and most experienced automotive engineers, including unique stainless steel bars and a distinctive white dynamic line running under the captain’s window.

    Auto super yacht
    Source: New Atlas

    Amenities include a beach club, spa, several bars, ocean facing jacuzzis, sunbathing areas on multiple decks, water games like water slides, and a 6.5m long tender stored in a spacious garage. The concept will be able to accommodate 12 guests in 6 cabins and will provide ample space to accommodate up to 11 crew members.

    The harbor-facing bar and seating for 12 on the main deck mean you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning views in total comfort. The massive master suite features a ‘fold-down’ folding terrace with ocean view, and is equipped with a fireplace, king size bed, minibar, and giant curved TV. Starlight ceiling.

    Upstairs there is a private cinema that seats 12 and can easily be converted into a gym and a beautiful sun deck that seats 12 people with a fire pit or ice bucket in the middle. Benetti says the yacht will be able to use hybrid energy, the exteriors are made of reclaimed wood, while the interiors use sustainable materials.

    It’s not yet clear when the Fisker 50 will be delivered, but Benetti has estimated it will cost around A$52 million and make the most that can sell.