Ferrari has blacklisted these five celebrities from buying its cars

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Ferrari is not exactly known for its tolerant and great customer service. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Nothing paints a car company badly like Jay Leno not buying one of its cars because of an unfavorable purchase. In fact, Ferrari seems to be the only company to have had the honour. Furthermore, Ferrari recently banned Justin Bieber from buying its cars for a notably trivial reason. Let’s see what other famous people the Old Galloping Horse has banned from sales!

Tyga has a history that Ferrari doesn’t like

Tyga gives Kylie Jenner a Ferrari 458 for her 18th birthday

Tyga gives Kyle Jenner a Ferrari | Keith Johnson/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

According to Hotcars, rapper Tyga has a bit of a checkered history with cars. Not just Ferrari either. He is allegedly no stranger to renting a car and then failing to make payments, resulting in the cars being taken back.