Fitness expert and Mr. Olympia Suhas Khamkar in town; Learn more about city sports

    Indore (Madhya Pradesh): If there is a bodybuilding league similar to the IPL, it will give great opportunities to young players and the sport will advance in the country.

    Sahs Khamkar, winner of the Mr. Olympia and Mr. World award, expressed his views on the city and also explained the modern bodybuilding rules for players and coaches at The World Gym & Fitness Center on Sunday.

    Sahas, who is also a fitness expert, said that young people today need good guidance. Everyone wants to practice bodybuilding and at first every young man enters it with great enthusiasm but he has to face guidance and financial problems due to his inability to move forward and his career does not last long. If there was an IPL-style bodybuilding association, a large number of bodybuilders would be ready in the country and they would be able to make their country proud. Financial assistance to players will also be readily available from the league.

    He also said that since there is more than one bodybuilding federation in the country, players have been struggling for years. If there is only one union in the country, the players will get the most benefit. Bodybuilders will get a good job and will get a chance to show their skills in foreign countries.

    Suhas, a 10-time Mr. India title, said that diet is the most important part of building a body. If the diet is correct, it will be easier for the bodybuilder to move forward. Termin and AMP are the wrong supplement and bodybuilders should routinely avoid taking them.

    Suhas Manish Arya, Director of The World Gym and Fitness Center and his entire team congratulated him and said seeing the way they work, they will definitely get good players and coaches out of here.

    Sahs was welcomed by Manish Arya, Sumit Tiwari, Shailendra Mishra, Manohar Duke, MS Arya, Sheetal Arya, Meena Sharma, Kamal Patel, Shekhar Khuttal, Sunil Ramchandani and Balchandra Gard.

    Manish Arya, Director of World Gym & Fitness Center said Suhas is India’s first Pro card holder. Due to his strong physique and attractive body, he has won Mr. World, Mr. Olympia twice, Mr. Asia and Mr. India 10 times. He has also been Maharashtra Shri 8 times. He is also popular today as a celebrity trainer and fitness expert.

    Railroad beat Women MPs by 5 wickets

    Rail defeated Madhya Pradesh by 5 wickets in the women’s T-20 Tournament Elite ‘C’ first round robin match held in Baroda on Sunday. Hitting in Madhya Pradesh for the first time scored 124 points for losing 6 wickets in 20 custom increases. In response, the railroad hit the target in a 19.5 increase by losing 5 wickets.

    Indore players celebrate Sachin’s birthday

    Sachin Tendulkar Fans Club celebrated Sachin’s 49th birthday with great enthusiasm on Sunday. At the function, MLA Ramesh Mindola, Jito Yadav, Setu Chabra and Anand Shinde were present. Hundreds of young players first cut the cake at Maa Kankeshwari Devi Sports Complex, then a friendship match was also played by forming a team associated with the name of Sachin. Sweets were also distributed. Several young players were awarded cash prizes as well as sports materials. There was tremendous enthusiasm among the young players. Club manager Chandurao Shinde said Lokesh Yashi, Rahul Prajapat, Siddhanth Jain, Ritu Pesht, Khushi Tavar, Jalak Srivastava, Yashika Bhor, Aditi Gurjar, Pari Gupta and Muskan Mishra were present.

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    Posted on: Monday, April 25, 2022, 09:48 AM IST