Freefall Knicks travel to Los Angeles to face the Clippers

    The Knicks, a seventh straight loser, plays their first game in a back-to-back game in sunny California against the Clippers, winners of five in a row.

    The New York Knicks (25-38) travel to the Arena to face the Los Angeles Clippers (34-31). This will be the second game of the season between the two teams, as the Knicks won their match on January 23 110-102. New York is currently eighth in the lottery standings, losing in 15 of the last 17 games, while Los Angeles, winner of five games in a row, continues to fight for its playoff life, sitting comfortably in eighth place in the Western Conference.

    Knicks in the midst of an ugly free fall. The losers in the last seven games and moving further and further from the center of play, the Knicks will have to hope that this losing season will be One can hopefully shape the franchise for the better.

    RJ Barrett continues to play well and add elements to his game. Even after a great game against Philadelphia, Barrett returned in a home run against the Sixers and played well. He continues to evolve into a player who should have some All-Star buzz in the 2022โ€“23 season. As for the rest of the children, they produce in smaller roles. The strong cameos from Cam Reddish, Jericho Sims and Immanuel Quickley in recent games has helped cover up the fact that the Knicks are playing poorly, especially in the second half of the games.

    And, of course, Nicks is back on the draft talk again. Currently in eighth place in the lottery odds, New York has 25 wins, with San Antonio and Sacramento winning 24, and Indiana above all three with 22 wins. There is a legitimate chance for the Knicks to reach the top five odds, which could prompt them to acquire a leading talent, like Duke’s AJ Griffin. Or Jaden Ivey of Purdue, or earning other assets for a potential business deal, in a world where someone is available.

    There are still opportunities and opportunities to do more in this lost season now. Miles “Deuce” McBride has yet to find minutes in the rotation, which may help help New York find a point of protection in Derek Rose’s absence. Sims, who did an honorable job against Joel Embiid, must stand in line for more minutes to move forward, as his athleticism gives him a viable threat on offense and deterrence on defense.

    New York will continue its losing season with Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

    Is it fair to say that the clippers are impressive? Paul George has been injured and has only played 26 games this season, Kawhi Leonard has yet to play this season after recovering from an injury in the AFC Champions League, and Norman Powell, an excellent possession of the season from Portland, fell through injury. After only two games in the Clippers term. However, not only does Los Angeles coach Tai Lou have this squad in the midst of a playoff push, but the team sits seventh in the league with defensive efficiency.

    Los Angeles has navigated quite well this season without the top three players. Marcus Morris and Reggie Jackson took on bigger roles in the absence of their co-stars, with occasional big performances to steal victory. Luke Kennard has been out of the limelight from the outside this season, giving them someone to focus on defences. Terance Mann was serviceable, but the step forward from the 2021 qualifiers did not happen. Ivica Zubak was a tough guy, veteran Nicholas Batum on the bench, and Kofi’s Prince was a pleasant surprise.

    It all adds up to a team that fought back with the likes of the Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Denver Nuggets to finish sixth in the West, but the 26th Los Angeles offensive kept them largely at the bottom of that. Group. Good enough to fend off the likes of New Orleans and Sacramento and his Los Angeles counterpart to the eighth seed, but not good enough to break into the next group. If Powell and George can get back in before the playoffs, the Clippers could secure the playoff playoffs and win the mini-tournament, but I don’t see anything more than that.

    But next season? TheThey tried to get the Clippers back to their level and reclaim their place as one of the strongest teams in the league once again.

    TKW Night Awards

    The Knicks Wall’s exclusive partnership with PrizePicks offers Night Picks. Tonight, we select RJ Barrett to “overtake” on an expected total of 33.5 points, rebounds, and assists. As for the Clippers, Reggie Jackson, averaging 24.0 points, 6.5 rebounds and 6.8 assists in four games since the All-Star break, is the “over” pick on his 31.5 total points, rebounds and assists.

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    what do you want to watch

    Cam Rodish Minutes: Knicks Twitter nearly had a heart attack when Tom Thibodeau knocked out Cam Reddish during a good spell. Reddish has adapted its time to spin and flash all the gadgets โ€” wide ground game, good defensive tools, and an awareness of attacking named defenses โ€” Reddish looks great. I’m curious to see how Thibs deploys it again, and if he decides to extend the handlebar a bit over its place to turn.

    The return of Emmanuel Quikley: After about three weeks of dry spells, Emmanuel Quikley is back on the three-strokes and looking like a Quakley rookie year. Personally, I’d love to see him get more reps on the ball, but Thibodeau has to balance ball-handling responsibilities with offensively budding RJ Barrett. Either way, Quickley continuing to film and staying in Thibodeau’s blessing is a good thing.

    Tank Tibodo: At this point, Tom Thibodeau can’t help himself. The same things that helped him in the past hurt his current position at the Knicks. He’s been excellent for the New York tank, between holding two rotations, Alec Burks as the starting point guard, and relying on the veterans at the worst of times, I’m looking forward to Thibodeau mishandling another game this season.

    injury report

    Kemba Walker, Derek Rose, and Quentin Grimes remained outside. Obi Tobin will miss his second game in a row with a hamstring injury.

    The tip-off is set at 10 PM ET, broadcasting on ESPN, MSG Network and Bally Sports SoCal.

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