George Clooney was one of the first celebrities to own an electric car with the Tesla-Precursor Tango T600

Going green and electric driving is rapidly gaining popularity, but that wasn’t always the case. Celebrities are often pioneers who begin to identify the trends in popular culture that are becoming mainstream today. George Clooney has been instrumental in helping electric cars go from being a rare exotic to a popular choice. He was one of the first celebrities to drive an electric car, and his choice of vehicles may surprise you.

Electric cars have been around for longer than you think

George Clooney standing against a blurred pink and white background.

George Clooney | Getty Images

We’ve been driving petrol vehicles for a long time and it’s easy to assume that’s always been the case. The horse came first, then the cart, then the gasoline car, then the electric car. However, this is not actually the case.