GL Homes makes a difference with the delivery of Habitat for Humanity Furniture | News

Habitat for Humanity in East and Central Pasco County will soon be able to start operating on its 10-home community thanks to the continued support of GL Homes.

In late March, GL Homes donated $15,000 worth of gently used furniture to Habitat’s ReStore. Items included air conditioning units, desks, cabinets, sinks, toilets, office chairs, doors, tables, and home décor such as vases and framed art, kitchenware, wall sconces, light fixtures, drapes, and window treatments.

This was GL Homes’ second donation to Habitat’s ReStore in two years. Last year, the home developer donated $25,000 in furniture and artwork.

“We have supported Pasco at the height of the pandemic,” said Sarah Allsofroom, Senior Director of Community Relations at GL Homes. “Habitat had recently opened its ReStore and operations in February of last year, and we were one of the first large donations to reach them. From what Habitat told me, our donation in 2021 was one of the top five in monetary value.”

The impact these donations are having is “transformative,” according to Crystal Lazar, president and CEO of subsidiary Habitat. “We hit our record sales again at ReStore, and we generated enough money in March to fund the construction of a full house which is a huge record for us. These kinds of donations turn around and raise money for Habitat, so they are vital.”

Lazar said Habitat’s ReStore is the largest fundraiser, with every dollar that goes to the store directly benefiting the home purchase program. The store at 4700 Allen Road, Zephyrhills, is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Habitat for Humanity is known for building homes worthy of their owners, but what the home doesn’t include is the furniture. ReStore can provide homeowners with gently used furniture at a huge discount.

Habitat for Humanity can provide a truck and team to pick up items, making the donor’s job easier. Alsofrom said this offers no excuse for not escalating, and she encourages developers and other companies to consider Habitat when replacing their furniture or décor. The furniture donated by GL Homes comes from the Valencia del Sol sales office in Wiemaoma.

“Nothing at GL Homes goes to waste,” Alsofrom said. We will not get rid of anything. Our first call in Pasco County is always Habitat for Humanity. They are able to use everything – even the kitchen sink! “

Lazar, who lives in Wesley Chapel, said she has seen furniture from typical homes lost when it was no longer needed. I reiterated that if a developer had to make an appointment to receive furniture from Habitat, they would be happy to remove the furniture from their hands.

GL Home’s charitable focus is to help break the cycle of homelessness. Alsofrom added, “What better way to do this than by supporting Habitat for Humanity in East and Central Pasco County?”

To learn more about ReStore at Habitat, visit GL Home’s charitable mission can be found by visiting