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High and Low Real Estate MBA Salaries in Top 25 Schools

Although business schools have increasingly devoted resources to it in recent years, real estate is still a secondary destination for MBAs graduating from the best business schools in the United States. According to data from US newswhile 24 of 25 schools reported that about 2021 graduates entered the industry, only three had a double-digit MBA, and five had only one real estate-related alumni in the entire graduate class.

Salaries are a different matter. Real estate is a lucrative field, as anyone can tell you, whether or not they have experience in it. from US news We know that in the 13 schools that reported salary data for real estate MBAs for 2021, the base salary range is just over $68,000 to $250,000—in other words, in line with nearly any other industry where an MBA can Find a job. And the numbers are rising: Two years ago when we last examined real estate MBA data, the salary range for graduates of leading MBA programs was between $58,000 and $180,000.

Harvard Business School leads all schools with the highest average real estate MBA salary in 2021: $160,000. The lowest median salary at New York University’s Stern School of Business was: $92,482. Harvard also had the highest “low” salary, $130,000, and five other B schools scored under $100,000. Harvard University again topped the list of top “heights”: $250,000, followed by Columbia Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business with $190,000 and $180,000, respectively.

US News Real Estate Ranking and Top Positions in Leading B Schools

Real estate is a consistently profitable avenue of interest for an MBA. Who Gets an MBA in Real Estate? Largely a real estate developer and community, although anyone interested in real estate finance, real estate law, real estate investing, asset and property management, sustainable development, and a range of related interdisciplinary activities may find an MBA

Many B-school students and candidates find real estate compelling – an area worth inquiring about at least – a few years ago US news Adding real estate to its classifications. Topping the list for this year’s best real estate school is the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, which graduated nine MBAs who reported real estate salaries, with an average of $127,778. One Wharton MBA reported a salary of $175,000. Look at the table below to see what numbers are in the rest of the top five.

Regardless of the size of MBA graduates, real estate centers spread across US newsTop ranked real estate schools and elsewhere. 1 in Wharton is home to the Samuel Zell and Robert Lowery Estate Center. No. 3 Berkeley Haas School of Business houses the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics. No. 4 Columbia is home to the Paul Milstein Real Estate Center, and No. 5 Wisconsin Business School is where you’ll find the James A. Grassamp Real Estate. The UCLA Anderson School of Management, ranked No. 7, houses the Ziman Real Estate Center and, since early 2020, Michigan Ross School of Business No. 12 is home to the Weiser Real Estate Center.

It goes beyond research centers. UNU’s Kenan Flagler School of Business, rated No. 10, boasts not only the Leonard Wood Real Estate Center but also the Kenan Flagler Real Estate Fund, a student-led fund that has raised millions through dozens of investments since 2007. Cornell University Graduate School of Management offers Johnson’s Baker Program in Real Estate, where MBA students can choose from real estate electives or pair their degree with a Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate.

See a comprehensive list of real estate centers at leading business schools here.

Highs and Lows – Compared to the Best Industries

How do real estate salaries compare to salaries in the top three MBA fields of consulting, finance and technology? It’s lower overall, of course, but it’s not low. at Poets and camouflagedThe top five schools — Stanford, Wharton, Chicago Booth School of Business, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, and Harvard — had the median 2021 salary for consulting $159,622, for finance $162,147, and for technology $144,480. Meanwhile, the median real estate salary in the top 16 schools that reported the data was $135,752 and in the top 13 25 schools with the data, $122,381.

We can also look at the lows and highs, and find properties that own their own. The average low for the top five counseling schools is $73,599. in funding $81,000; And in technology $78,808. Real estate beats them all: Among the top 10 schools, average lower real estate salaries are $101,667, and among the top 25 schools, $95,159.

What about higher salaries? No industry will challenge some of the astronomical numbers that we regularly see come out of the best B schools, but real estate definitely brings in salaries that no one can be scoffed at:

  • Top 5 Consultations with a High Average: $190,200
  • Top 5 Average Funding: $280,000
  • Average Top 5 High Tech: $225,600
  • Top 10 properties with a high average: $178,333 (6 schools)
  • Top median of 25 properties: $155,808 (13 schools)

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