Is Metaverse headquarters with NFT bored monkey, helipad and cinema the next must-have for luxury brands?

    With a spacious reception and conference suite, a super king bedroom, a private cinema, a wrap-around sky lounge that includes a disco, jacuzzi and helipad – not to mention panoramic views of Paris, Miami and Dubai – the property’s specifications look like a high-end international listing.

    However, the luxury penthouses in question are actually complex, 3D NFTs built into the photo-realistic metaverse Owners can invite up to 50 guests at once — such as avatars created via the Ready Player Me plug-in built into Spatial — to join them ‘in the house’.

    Lifestyle paradigms abound in the form of mid-century-inspired bar carts, moving turntables, and a wall-to-wall aquarium, and this helicopter is an integral part of the aspiring living, a moving helicopter.

    There is also a gallery facility to display NFTs from connected portfolios as artwork on the walls (be it Bored Apes or Cryptopunks, or a flick that calls up their OpenSea credentials) or even campaign images and logos in the case of luxury brands.

    Web 3.0 Web 3.0 platform from Brainchild of Fashion Exclusively, the aforementioned penthouse attracts huge interest from luxury brands and consultancies whose carefully curated image is paramount. These companies represented 38% of the respondents to an exploratory survey conducted via LinkedIn.

    They can decorate and customize the space Exclusible co-founder Olivier Bureau says “in terms of its look and feel,” also noting that survey results “indicated a preferred use as a video conferencing alternative as an alternative to Google.”
    The Google
    Meet or Zoom”, not least, penthouse screen sharing and live streaming capabilities.

    The office assures that the luxury penthouse offers a cost-effective option for brands looking to set up a corporate headquarters in Metaverse. So far, Web 3.0 is more of an audience engagement and community building tool for brands than an actual tool, so this is an interesting step.

    “There are so many great and innovative ways that buyers want to use our penthouses. It’s really amazing,” continues the office. We are in discussions with a very popular auction house that would like to conduct a live auction on one of them. There are also artists who will use them as a gallery and we have a media house that wants to organize the first ever team building event in the metaverse. A crypto fund invites investors to its opening presentation in a penthouse apartment while it is raising capital.”

    “We have some very rich buyers, big banks and some celebrities, but we are not allowed to mention anyone specific at the moment,” he adds.

    In fact, 25% of LinkedIn usage survey respondents represent high net worth individuals – no doubt seduced by the idea of ​​owning a “bed” in the metaverse. The penthouse, with its cinemas, jacuzzis and helipads, certainly has echoes of MTV family The franchise that restarted last year.

    Founded by five French and Portuguese entrepreneurs, Thibault Launay, Olivier Bureau, Olivier Moingeon, Artur Goulão and Pierre Guigourese, Exclusible was launched in August 2021 as an NFT company. Market, is fast making a name for itself with its fancy activations in the web 3.0 space.

    Partner projects comprise a group of luxury industry leaders from the worlds of fashion and design, high jewelry, watches and even supercars and include Asprey, Bugatti, Christopher, Hogan and Louis Moinet.

    Moingeon, who previously held executive positions at Goyard and Cartier, likened the market model to that of luxury fashion platforms like Net-a-Porter and Farfetch.

    For Asprey, she sold an NFT collection in collaboration with Bugatti, each of which comes with a corresponding body sculpt created in Asprey’s London workshop. Ali Walker, Creative Director of Asprey’s Digital Studio, says he chose to partner with Exclusible for its masterful execution of previous projects and describes the team as “forward-thinking, fast and innovative”.

    Likewise, Hogan-owned Tod’s Group has tapped Exclusible to launch an artist-created NFT series, and Exclusible has even organized Hogan’s event in Decentraland
    metaverse during Metaverse Fashion Week in March.

    The Exclusible’s first foray into metaverse ownership came in January when the company invested $2.4 million from the sale of Alpha, the NFT group of genesis, in acquiring land in Sandbox
    sand 2
    metaverse, where Gucci is also a stakeholder, building luxury villas and private islands. Notable buyers include football player Marco Verratti and tennis star Stan Wawrinka.

    Going forward, “We aspire to make Exclusible the number one destination for digital luxury,” says Bureau. “Not only do we help brands start their journey, but we also help them build their own community, and guide them in creating long-term engagement. We are developing Exclusible in a way that makes us stand alone as a brand, not just a market.”

    Exclusible has six more NFT drops scheduled for just the next two months with more strategic partnerships in the pipeline across different sectors of the luxury industry.

    Exclusive luxury penthouse Drop June 18.