It’s time to change the conversation in real estate – again

    Two-thirds of Americans (67%) haven’t found their dream home yet, which means there are endless opportunities for sellers in this market*. However, the shortage of inventory is the biggest challenge facing real estate today. There simply aren’t enough homes for sale to satisfy buyer demand, and the lack of homes on the market translates into fewer listings for our agents.

    So how do we convince homeowners to leave the place they call home in order to open up the housing market and open these listing opportunities to our agents? We make homeowners dream.

    First, let’s start this story 14 years ago when financial crises brought the real estate industry to a standstill. Caldwell Banker changed the trajectory of industry-standard consumer debate from promoting the financial benefits of home ownership to embracing the emotional aspects of owning the American Dream. We focused our marketing and branding messages, and talked to potential home buyers about why owning a home is still important in the wake of the financial crisis. It worked: Coldwell Banker agents have helped millions of home buyers take root since then.

    Fast forward to today. The real estate conversation has changed again as consumers eager to buy homes, engage in bidding wars and raise their bids to new heights. Most of our agents recently finished their busiest year ever, showing us that potential homebuyers don’t need emotional persuasion to enter the market. Many of our competitors rely only on this old tire. But Caldwell Banker knows it’s time to change that mindset and face the challenges of today’s business.

    This year we revealed our Dreams advertising campaign, designed to make homeowners dream of getting closer to their grandchildren, the mountains, or to that place they’ve always dreamed of. It’s part of the 2022 seller strategy, complete with an updated website designed to focus on what sellers need to make listing their homes a seamless affair. While advertising initiates those dreams, arming sellers with effective tools and knowledgeable agents is what puts those dreams into action.

    Dedicated tools to help sellers see what’s possible

    It’s hard to imagine your next home when you’re not even sure of the value of your current home. According to research we conducted in February 2022 with the Harris Poll, nearly half (46%) of American homeowners say they are unsure of the current value of their homes. This number rises to 52% among generation Z homeowners and 54% among millennial homeowners. One of our newest tools, the CB . EstimateTMHelp homeowners realize this value. Sellers can get a free, instant estimate of the value of their home without providing additional data.

    Sellers can also take a closer look at their dreams with the new motion meterTM A tool that compares different data points to assess moving from one city to another. The motion meter acts as a local insider, addressing deeper questions that other tools cannot, such as quality of life, labor market strength, and affordability of living. Our tools help calm the “what ifs” around movement and allow dreams to take over.

    We wanted to do our bit when building these tools, and our research revealed that although many sellers begin their real estate journeys online, 60% of Americans trust a licensed real estate agent to accurately estimate a home’s value. That’s why when sellers finally make the leap, our star agents are ready to take their listings over the finish line. Coldwell Banker’s Seller Assurance Program, with offerings like RealSure and RealVitalize, ensures sellers get the most out of their home’s value.

    In this seller’s market, Coldwell Banker agents shine

    We are still in the sellers market and they still have the upper hand. It was important to us that this message reached the local communities, which is why we have introduced a customizable 30-second ad placement to all Coldwell Banker affiliates. With very local brand messaging, sellers will know exactly who to call when they’re ready to make their dreams come true.

    We are committed to creating businesses for our agents, which is why we are always trying new marketing tactics to reach new audiences. In addition to launching our March Madness advertising campaign, this year we have expanded to include PGA Championship sponsorship to diversify our traditional media mix and cater to the needs of important demographic “shrinkers.” We’ve also increased our exposure on social media to align with the way consumers approach their home selling journey, and to support long-term agent growth.

    It’s the start of a new chapter in the real estate industry, and Coldwell Banker is once again at the forefront of innovation for sellers, buyers and agents. If the change excites you, visit to try our new tools, or learn more about joining our network of over 100,000 agents.

    * According to a Harris Poll on behalf of Caldwell Banker. The survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Caldwell Banker.