Kelvin Fletcher and 12 celebrities who live on farms

Chloe Best

While many stars invest millions of dollars palaces With luxurious amenities including swimming pools and spas, others prefer the rustic lifestyle when they are not working. From Oprah Winfrey to Zayn Malik, discover the amazing celebrities who have a second career as a farmer on their own farms or ranches…

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Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin Fletcher Farm

former Emerdel the actor Kelvin Fletcher His wife, Liz Marsland, bought a 120-acre ranch in the Peak District in 2021, and they documented their new life on a BBC programme, Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure.

The farm has an 18th-century hut and a large collection of animals, including sheep, pigs, and alpacas. The couple will have their hands full to balance farm and family life, as they did He just welcomed his twin sonsThey are also parents to daughter Marnie, five, and son Milo, three.

Matt Baker

Matt Baker Farm House

Matt Baker lives on a farm in Hertfordshire With his wife Nicola and two children. The Country The presenter of his television career juggles working as a farmer, takes care of a wide variety of animals including sheep, chickens, dogs and donkeys, and has previously said he loves the rural lifestyle so much that he tries to “go home as fast as possible” after work.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Ranch Farm

When he’s not busy taking pictures Chris Pratt He loves nothing more than spending time on his ranch on San Juan Island in Washington with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. Home to sheep, chickens, and other livestock, it definitely looks like a cozy Hollywood getaway judging from the photos Guardians of the Galaxy The actor shared on Instagram.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's farm

Martha Stewart He owns a farm in Katona, New York. Formerly known as Sycamore Farms, Martha’s estate is now known as Cantito Corners. Martha’s own website reveals that she “bought a 1925 monochrome farmhouse in 2000 [and] She has transformed her 152-acre Westchester property into a horse farm with both modern and historic buildings.” The celebrity chef often showcases her local produce on her social media feeds.


Amanda Seyfried's Farm

Amanda She lives on her own farm in upstate New York with her husband, Thomas Sadosky, and their daughter, whom she previously told Barber You love how there is no “pressure” there. “I’m lucky. I always knew I wanted a farm, and I didn’t know if I was going to have many animals, but I just inherited these horses, we bought goats. I want alpacas.”

Martin Clones

Martin Clones Dorset Farm

Doc Martin the actor Martin Clones He lives on a farm in Dorset with his family, which is home to horses, Shetland ponies, dogs and 50 cows, sheep and chickens. Martin previously said in an interview with long story.

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Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner's farm

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, especially the lives of former people dancing on Ice Judge Jason Gardiner. He traded shows for rural life on a farm in Portugal – and he couldn’t be happier. The star shared his new project on social media with his loyal followers, revealing the most exciting scenes in the countryside.

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey's farm

opera She owns at least seven properties, including a 23-acre horse ranch in Montecito, which she bought at auction for about £23 million ($29 million) in 2016. Simeyer Ranch borders Opera’s headquarters, a 42-square-meter property acres. Promised Land.

Yolanda Hadid

Gigi Hadid's farm Bella Hadid

Yolanda Hadid owns a farm in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where she and her daughters are secluded Bella And GG Zayn Malik during the coronavirus lockdown. Set on a 32-acre estate with horse stables and sprawling gardens including a botanical garden from which Yolanda develops her own gin line, it certainly seems like the perfect place for seclusion.

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Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik's farm, Pennsylvania

former one direction star Zayn Malik He owns his own ranch near Yolanda’s farm in Pennsylvania, which he previously revealed he bought on her advice. Talking to painting About his quiet life on the farm, Zayn has previously said that he likes to record music there too because it’s “out of the way and feels grounded.” “I do a lot of farm work. I get the horses out, I feed the cows and that kind of thing. It’s great. I’ve always been interested in animals,” he added.

Russell Crowe


the actor Russell Crowe He is the owner of a 400-hectare farm in New South Wales, Australia, which was hit by bushfires at the end of 2019. After missing the Golden Globes to fight fires in his home, Russell has since shared stunning photos showing the damage to the farm, and how it recovered after a rain heavy. “My place 10 weeks ago after the fire started, and this morning after a heavy rainy weekend,” he captioned the photos.

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari Farm Nashville

former hills star Kristin Cavallari She and her estranged husband, Jay Cutler, own a “hobby farm” near Nashville on ten acres of land with a chicken coop, horse stables, and a goat coop.

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JB Gil


Away from the pop world with JLS, JB Gill now lives on a Kent farm with his wife Chloe and two kids, now performing on the CBeebies show. down the farm. “We lead a hectic life and just wanted to find peace, calm and relaxation whenever we had a day off,” JB previously said HELLO!. “Being in the countryside has been so valuable to all of us and a lifestyle we really appreciate. It’s something we feel all kids should experience.”

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