Kentucky Derby bet 148 with experts, celebrities and influencers!

The Kentucky Derby is the best time to back your horse with legal proof! Most sites across the United States offer the opportunity to bet on horse racing.

Below, TwinSpires lists a selection of our resident experts, notable influencers and some celebrities. Plus, we’ll add suggested bets as they come in. Click the bet button with the bet slip under the names and opinions that resonate with you!

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A quick glimpse of the Kentucky Derby 2022 picks

Drawing on all of our coverage of the past week and decades of crippling experience, our experts come together to take a quick look at their picks below.

John Muselow

After improving on every mission on the road to the Kentucky Derby, Mocholo’s top pick is third. You can read his full analysis here: Tips Sheet: Kentucky Derby 2022

  • Win $50 and take 3rd place
  • $15 exactly 3, 5 with 3, 5, 6, 10
  • 50 cents trifecta 3, 5 with 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 with all

Moving on to some additional Derby Exotics picks, Mucciolo adds in #5 Smile Happy and #6 Messier.

  • $10 Exactly 3,5,6 Box ($60)
  • 2 trifecta 3,5,6 with 3,5,6 with 1,3,5,6,9,10,19 ($60)
  • 1 superfecta 3 with 5,6 with 1,5,6,9,10,19 with 1,5,6,9,10,19 ($40)
  • 1 superfecta 5,6 with 3 with 1,5,6,9,10,19 with 1,5,6,9,10,19 ($40)

If you want to keep your favorite morning streak, No. 10 Zandon, below can be found his picks for making money. Check out the full analysis here: How to Make Money with Zandun in the Kentucky Derby

  • 50 Cent Trifecta 10 with 3,5,6,19 with All ($36)
  • 50 cent trifecta 10 each with 3,5,6,19 ($36)
  • 50 Cent Trifecta 3,5,6,19 with 10 with All ($36)

J. Keeler Johnson

Offering some diverse selections at different budgets, Keeler prefers #1 Mo Donegal and #6 Messier. Find his full article here: Betting on the 2022 Kentucky Derby with Different Budgets

Budget 40 dollars

  • $12 to win #1 Mo Donegal
  • $12 to win Match 6 of Messi
  • $2 Exactly: 1,6 with 1,3,6,10,12 ($16)

80 dollar budget

  • $20 to win 1st place Mo Donegal
  • $20 to win Match 6 of Messi
  • $1 Trifecta: 1,6 with 1,3,6,10,12 with 1,3,6,7,10,12,13 ($40)

Budget $120

  • $24 to win #1 Mo Donegal
  • $24 to win Match 6 of Messi
  • $1 Superfecta: 1,6 with 1,6 with 3,10,12 with 3,7,10,12,13 ($24)
  • $1 Superfecta: 1,6 with 3,10,12 with 1,6 with 3,7,10,12,13 ($24)
  • $1 Superfecta: 1,6 with 3,10,12 with 3,7,10,12,13 with 1,6 ($24)

Vance Hanson

Hanson stays with Mo Donegal #1, despite drawing the railroad, and will also use #10 Zandon for Pick 4 that concludes with the Kentucky Derby. Find out the rest of his picks here: Hanson: Wagering Strategy for Kentucky Derby Day

  • $1 pick 4 over 2,9,11 with 1 over 4,8 with 1,10 = $12.

Thinking of going for a long shot? Hanson’s pick is the #8 Charge It. “Although it’s far from the final article and therefore would need a lot of luck to win, Charge It has a lot of tools to become a serious racehorse, perhaps as soon as Saturday.”

Ashley Anderson

Ashley Moe prefers Donegal but will also incorporate Happy Smile and Zandon in her selection to form an accurate picture.

  • Precision Square $2 on 1, 5, 10 ($12)

Aleister Paul

When it came to picking Aleister: “I still come back to one horse that showed it all: third.” Find his full analysis here: Kentucky Derby betting with epicenter

  • Win $20 / Offer $20: 3rd Place ($40)
  • 50-cent Trifecta: 3,12 with 1,3,5,7,10,12,14 with 1,3,5,7,10,12,14 ($30)
    Total: $70

Sarah Dakos (Tweet embed)

Sarah followed the Arkansas route to the Kentucky Derby track closely and here are her thoughts:

“Oaklawn Park is my home track, so I naturally attract competitors who take the Arkansas route to the Kentucky Derby. I tried to snag the Kentucky Derby this year without prejudice, and I still think Cyberknife, the Arkansas Derby (G1) winner can wear roses on Saturday .

“In odds of 20-1, he presents a chance for a good score. The Colt Chestnut Versatile also won the Kentucky Derby host and fairgrounds. The only flaw in his resume came in Lecomte S. (G3), where he made a wide run. Cyberknife was set By Gun Runner, Horse of the Year 2017, whose offspring broke all-time earnings records for a first crop dad, so his pedigree is top notch.

“Cyberknife is conditioned by Louisville’s Brad Cox, winner of the last two Eclipse Awards as Coach of the Year. He also sent Mandalon, who was named 2021 Derby winner in February after disqualifying Medina Spirit. Cox grew up twice blocks from Churchill on Evelyn Street. And I’d be happy to see him experience the excitement of the derby winner’s circuit.

Cyberknife will be commanded by Florent Geroux, who was Gun Runner and Mandaloun jockey. The 35-year-old French national has not been able to see his brother for more than two years due to COVID-19 restrictions abroad, and his brother recently arrived in Louisville to support ‘Flugo’ in the derby .

“My second choice is my second choice on the morning streak, Epicenter. He completed a near-complete sweep of all four Louisiana prep races (Lecomte lost with a header), and won all three in broad daylight. Trained by Hall of Famer Steve Asmussen, the best Thoroughbred coach ever in North America Despite his unparalleled success, Asmussen has yet to win the Kentucky Derby, and his horses have taken second place twice.

“To complete the treble, I pick Messier. The multi-bet tiered winner has finished in the top two in each of his six starts. He won Robert B. Lewis S. (G3) by an astonishing 15 lengths. Despite that the field was small, and he had high numbers speed, and the West Coast horses have traditionally done well in the Kentucky Derby. Messier, whose impressive size was impressive, was recently moved from the Bob Baffert yard to coach Tim Yechten.”