KiKi Layne starring as Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    In our Last Call Q&A series, we’re going down everything with some of our favorite celebrities — from the last time they hit the stars to the last song they listened to. This week, KiKi Layne got our call.

    Kiki Line is reserved and busy! The 30-year-old actor is currently starring as Ellie in “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” alongside Andy Samberg, John Mulaney, Keegan-Michael Key and Seth Rogen. Despite not watching the original series growing up (Lynn was more of a Nickelodeon fan, watching “Hey Arnold!” and “Rugrats”), she was excited to resurrect the beloved adventure comedy more than 30 years later.

    “It started as a conversation with [director] Akiva [Schaffer], “Lane tells PopSugar how you got involved in the project.” They sent me the script, and I talked to him about seeing him, and I was so excited, just hearing how he really wanted to celebrate the animation and the many characters that many of us know and love. So, to be a part of that, I said, ‘Sure, I’m going to fight some crime with Chip and Dale. Why not?’

    Disney+’s Rescue Rangers catch up with our favorite chipmunks Chip and Dale, who now live entirely different lives in modern-day Los Angeles. When a member of the original series suddenly goes missing, the couple reunite to save their friend. According to Layne, the movie is “another fun and exciting adventure with Chip and Dale.”

    In addition to “Rescue Rangers,” Layne stars in the upcoming “Don’t Worry Darling” with Florence Poe, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and Olivia Wilde. I also recently started producing The Old Guard 2 on Netflix And She brought her back to the stage with Alicia Harris’ off-Broadway production of “Sugarland.”

    Find out what else Lynn was about to do in the last pre-call interview.

    You mentioned recently that you filmed “Rescue Rangers” without your mates, how was your last day of filming?

    That was a year ago, so I can’t really remember that. But yeah, I was on my own every day, and they’d put a piece of masking tape on the wall or on the floor and say, “Okay, so the green tape is Chip and the pink tape is Dale. Good luck!” But fortunately, Akiva, our manager, had such a clear view of what was going on, what Chip was doing, and what Dale was doing, so it made it very easy to trust my imagination and trust the imaginations of all the collaborators who were coming together to tell the story.

    Have you ever met any of the stars of “Rescue Rangers”? If so, what was the last thing you did with them on set?

    No, literally none of them, so figuring out who these actors are all about and thinking, “I haven’t technically worked with them, but yeah, I’m in a movie with JK Simmons and Seth Rogen.”

    What was the last project you worked on?

    “Sugarland” which was a play in the New York theater workshop. That was the first time I had been on stage in over five years. It was terrifying, but also very exciting and something I really enjoyed, I really wanted to do again.

    Was there something specific that you missed about the theater? What made you come back?

    It’s that momentary connection with the audience, something very unique in theatre. It is a special and unique gift to have on stage.

    Of all the projects you’re currently working on — from “Rescue Rangers” to “Don’t Worry Darling” to “Sugarland” — who was the last actor you spoke to?

    Marwan [Kenzari] From “The Old Guard”, because we’re actually about to start shooting the second part, so just catch up with the guys from “The Old Guard”.

    How was your last test like?

    My last audition was on “Sugarland”, actually. That was touching because it was also my first personal test in a long time. But it was amazing because I was in the room with the director and playwright – she was there on Zoom – and just to be able to engage in the art there right now? Wonderful.

    When was the last time you were exposed to the stars?

    Met Gala with Renée Elise Goldsberry, because I have a lot of respect for the work she did, of course “Hamilton”, but also what she was doing in TV and film. It was funny because it surprised me, actually. I was like, “Why am I scared now? Like, girl.”

    Besides “Rescue Rangers”, what was the last animated movie you watched?

    Maybe it was something I’ve been watching with my nephews. Oh, I guess this isn’t a movie, but you know, “Word Party” or “Cocomelon” or “The Proud Family.” This is the last one we watched together. I came home to Cincinnati with all my nieces and nephews.

    What was the last show you watched greedily?

    I watched Ozark voraciously, not the second half. I haven’t caught it yet. So yes, “Ozark” and “Top Boy.” In fact, “Top Boy” was the last one. I finished it after Ozark.

    What was the last song or album you listened to?

    I only have playlists. I don’t listen to albums the same way I used to. I’m that guy who’s had the same playlist from four years ago and hasn’t really updated it.

    What’s the last thing you did for fun?

    I might visit my friend’s family in the Gulf. He’s from Berkeley, California, so we were there to spend time with his family, and we went to a Warriors game.

    What was the last piece of advice you received that stuck with you?

    “Just breathe.” It was actually from my drivers. He was the driver I’ve always been with during all my press on Beale Street, and it’s the first time we’ve seen each other since. It just so happened that we were paired up again, and we were just talking, and he said, “Breathe, carry on believing in yourself.” He was really really encouraging because he saw me in a moment where my whole life was changing and I was a little overwhelmed, so he just told me to keep doing the things that allowed me to grow up until this moment.

    “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” is available to watch on Disney+ now.

    Image source: D. Adams