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16-20 Brook St: Diverse Real Estate LLC and Myrka LLC to TMI Brook St Andover LLC, $2,148,214

225 Chandler Rd: Michael Konjoian IRT and David Konjoian to Michael Konjoian, $800,000

5 Forbes Ln: Craig A. and Sharon M. Saline to Nancy E. and Paul H. Stolberg, $1,080,000

109 Gold Road: Property Possible Inc by Jacqueline and Roberto Porcia, $875,000

98 Haverhill St Unit B: Justin D. Kurth to Justin D. Callahan and Juliana Conley, $455,000

22 Hidden Rd: Diverse Real Estate LLC and Myrka LLC to TMI Hidden Rd Andover LLC, $2,714,286

44 Morton St: Coventry Development Inc to Michael and Suzanne R. Marinaro, $2,325,000

12 The Odyssey Way: Helen S Donovan to Zheng Sun and Lin Wu, $1,256,666

66 Prospect Rd: Tetreault Lorraine C Est and Stephen Tetreault to Olivia F. Pathiraja, $685,000

208 River Road: From Brian A Bogosian to Godesmar B Alves and Maura Si Abreu, $600,000

10 Rose Glenn Doctor: Elizabeth A and Betsy Herald to Derek R. Mathieu and Cara Dardino-Matthew, $1,000,000

12 Sagamore Doctor: Catriona M. Macbeth and Jane Wey Faber to Jenny C. Ho and Scott B. Kokounis, $675,000

2 Suffolk Sir: Michael R and Susan Burns to Nathaniel Lee and Kirby Sabra, $1,300,000

4 Wellington Sir: Paul Lachoa to Kevin and Keri Dubois, $1125,000


11 Herrick Way: William E. Dorman T and William E. Dorman to Richard A. Simmers, $600,000


100 Cass Ave Unit A16: Thais V. Silva to Raymond L. Baez, $235,000

71 F St: Peter E. and Phyllis G. Semenchuk to Daniel and Amanda Harvey, $485,000

62 Frederick Street Unit 32: Peter C. Anton to Abdelaziz Agbabyaka, $360,000

667 Hildreth St: James G. and George A. Gagne to Nicholas Dorrough and Jennifer Swain-Dorrough, $600,000

166 Hillcrest Rd: James B Hall to Edgar A Fuentes, $521,000

24 Hilltop Rd: Lodge Properties 3 LLC to Infinitum Realty Inc, $380,000

98 New Boston Road: Somaly Kong to Emily L. Bicalho and Cullen A. Flynn, $510,000

98 Pemberton St Unit 31: Presentacion Casiwa to Iohanes Nascimento, $199,900

78 Percy Street: Delaney IRT and Mary A. Sullivan to Stephen J. Mcneil, $385,000

12 Regency Doctor: Robert M. Danos to Kara Arben, $825,000

37 Rinaldo Street: Matthew T. Desmaris to Suclay Swith and Luke T. Sim, $500,000

25 Varnum Ave: John R. and Kristy A. Jackson to John R. Jackson, $60,000

George Town

80 Central Street: Thomas and Maria Martins to Brad Bertwell, $375,000

94 Spofford Street: Susan M. Wilcox to Jose A. and Veronica Guzman, $850,000

2 Trestle Way: Trestle Way CBC LLC to Roxanne and Zachary Wilson, $649.900


3 Morell Road: Christina M and Griffin T Lozier to Alicia Decker, $520,000


7 11th Ave Unit 7: Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Javier Cortes RET and Javier Cortes, $327,500

91 7 Sister Rd: 91 Seven Sister RT and Giulia A. Day to Douglas and Maureen Naffah, $1,010,000

48 Eyre Street: Delta RT and Peter J. Dezoglio to Berlin and Pierre Laurent, $1010,000

37 Proud Doctor: Michael J. Lewis to Danilo Henriquez, $580,000

134 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 134: Pamela Pearson LT and Mary P. Pearson to Elizabeth A. Morrow, $385,000

227 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 227: DB Supplementary Needs T and Arthur Bonin to Karen M. Jeffrey-Bramwell, $387,500

12 Caledonia Street Unit 12: Alessandro Lumagno to Denis Tangumo, $432,500

32 Central Street: Tate W and Yuk L Chan to Elvin Ramirez Gabin and Edwin A. Ramirez Polanco, $530,000

38 Columbia Park: Edward R and Elizabeth A. Morrow to Lauren and Matthew Mackenzie, $600,000

Corliss Hill Rd Unit 71B: Daniel S. and Mark A. Byra to Essex Cnty Grnbelt Assn, $400,000

73 Denworth Bell Cir Unit 73: Michaela B. Blaney to Julia L. Faucher, $479,900

390 Farrwood Dr Unit 390: Merrimack Vly Bldrs Inc to Danielle J. Harrison, $350,000

414 Farrwood Dr Unit 414: Liya Chen and Dana S. Rogers to Jennifer Chandler, $330,000

25 Fountain St: Dani Drew Properties LLC to Samuel Fauikner and Dennis Faulkner, $360,000

179-181 Grove St: John L. and Ellen Fotino to Matthew G. Valentine and Ericka J. Valle, $700,000

54 Hunters Run Pl Unit 54: Dawn Hamilton to Sue K. Griffin, $345,000

106 Keeley St Unit 106: Charles W. Schmidt and US Bank NA to Bay State Grn Soln LLC, $286,000

8 Lawrence Street Unit 8: Lauren and Matthew S. Mackenzie to Eric Gillespie, $450,000

392 Main Street: 392 Main St LLC to Celest Investments LLC, $400,000

90 Margin St: Kuliesh FT and Janet Fusco to Anthoula Noukas, $450,000

127 Merrimack Street: 133 Merrimack LLC and 192 Merrimack Street LLC to AG Palmdale Real Owners, $25,700,000

160 Merrimack Street: 133 Merrimack LLC and 192 Merrimack Street LLC to AG Palmdale Real Owners, $25,700,000

192 Merrimack Street: 133 Merrimack LLC and 192 Merrimack Street LLC to AG Palmdale Real Owners, $25,700,000

25 Minot Ave: Minot Avenue T and Robert A. Lynch to James C. Mackay, $450,000

140 Old Ferry Rd Unit M: Robert G. Tremblay to New England Hm Buyers LLC, $175,000

23 Orchard Ave Unit F: Catherine Morse to Lauren A. Miller, $270,000

3 Parkview Ln Unit C: Stephen J. and Gina M.Leblanc to Lukas D. Kattar and Joseph L. Labrecque, $217,000

121 Pilgrim Rd, Unit 121: Ellen Hay to Katherine E. Morse, $445,000

108 Portland Street: Em-N-Es LLC to Alfonso Guglielmi, $550K

38 Rail Street: Cioto RT and Paul A. Magliocchetti to Cioto & Johnson Dev LLC, $2,500,000

60 Railroad Street: Niskanen RE Dev Inc to Cioto & Johnson Dev LLC, $800,000

11 S Warren St: Milot Inez F Est, Frances A. Bailey to Carlos O. Pineda, $375,000

17 Shepherd Street: Redd LLC to Eric and Deborah C. Asvestas, $479,000

14 Silver Birch Ln: Jewnifer, Wady Grullon to Dawn and Michael Oshea, $680,000

54 Sterling Ln Unit 54: Carol A. Lane to Corey J. and Kathryn R. Allen, $345,000

95 Virginia Ave: Barnes Ralph R Est and Lisa C. Williams to Jason J. Wezesa, $410,000

625 W Lowell Ave Unit 10: Eric Afrwedson to D&G Realty Dev LLC, $197,000

144 Warrenton Road: Deborah Vallis to Rachel H. Fahey and Chase T. Ripidu, $440,000

56-58 Webster St: Atlantis Ventures LLC to Wendy Baez, $660,000


37-39 Bowdoin St: Miguel A. Diaz to Franklin A. Mendez and Ledy I. Tejeda-Medina, $665,000

35 Chickering Route: Omayra Figueroa to Daher Group Inc, $190,000

77-79 Cross St: Ames Real Estate LLC to AG Works LLC, $695,000

49-51 Doyle Street: Josue Garcia to Johan M. Holguin-Sosa and Angelica Genao, $741,000

110 Genesee Street: Jose Betancourt to Bernie Lugo and Belquis Romano, $470,000

6 Jefferson Street: Kiana N. Modari and Zachary R. Laporte to Carlos Lima, $450,000

36-38 Jennings Street: David Gero to Aglahira Cortoreal and Maximiliano Lopez, $700,000

37 Linehan Street: 37 Linehan Street RT and Susan Dodd to Marilyn Zorella, $400,000

440 N Canal St: Marie E. Vaccari to Nunez LLC, $600,000

155 Parker St: Parker Street RT, Eric B. An to Usta Parker Street LLC, $1,050,000

41 Pembroke Dr: Philip G Belanger T and Philip G. Belanger to Valdez Enterprises LLC, $330,000

436S Broadway: Yolanda Cyrus to Rachel L. Carvajal and Glenys A. Sanchez Ceballo, $400,000

6 Shawsheen Rd Unit 6: Gerard Poulin IRT and Stephen Poulin to Bianca M. Lanfranco, $190,000

18 Tyler St: Ruben A. Delacruz to Benny Drew and Alexandra D. Gil, $570,000

179-181 Water St: Mary H. Ditore to 179 Water Street LLC, $860,000


34 Burnham Rd, Unit 403: Fatima Halawani to Carol Retano, $320,000

99 Camden St: Julie Centeno and Curtis A. Wilson to Elizabeth and Nathaniel R. Amaro, $400,000

17 Caswell Street: Lawrence J. Lemieux to Tammy Smith, $450,000

4 Gage St: Erika K. Mandeville to Mounir Elaissaoui, $435,000

23 Hampshire Rd Unit 415: Joseph A Merlino RET and Joseph A. Merlino to Aurea T. Borges, $312,000

12 Jane Road: Yasser M. Samurai to Virgilio Velez, $562K

44 Lippold St: Ana L.Perez-Burgos to Louise and Robersonn Memeus, $670,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 2A: Bellazar Properties LLC to LTK Ventures LLC, $322,000

72 Myrtle St: John D. and Nicole M. Houldcroft to Christopher Murphy, $515,000

23 North St: Aj Saab North St T and Adam J. Saab to Alessando Lomagno and Rachel Tulley, $625,000

260 Oakland Ave: Chong H. and Myong S. Pak to John Ianniello and Caroline Fleming, $580,000

89 Pine Tree Dr Unit 89: Marshall 2020 T and Michael G. Marshall to Michelle Fermin-Viviers, $775,000

5 Ridge Road: Elaine Furtado to Wilson Raposo, $500,000

7 Scherig Street: Rashab and Cary Town to Carl Tutu, $430,000

30 Wintergreen Cir: Capozzi 2014 FT and Coleen A. Capozzi to Alexandra Dorsey and Philip Janatasio, $540,000

North Andover

26 Allen Street: Karen M. Jeffrey Bramwell to Millmark Corporation, $700,000

262 Andover Street: Mamft RT LLC to Michael and Carolyn Bednarz, $736,000

501 Boxford St: Tyson A. and Sarah Ortiz to Stanley and Lidia Bosse, $585,000

47 Edgelawn Ave Unit 9: Vining Donald W Est and Steven E. Vining to Barbara Mackenzie, $310,000

54 Fernview Ave Unit 5: Heritage Green Condo T and Paul Mullaly to Yong C. Kim and Hye K. Lee, $235,000

39 Kara Doctor: Dennis L. McManus to Robert B. Dabrowski and Kelly Burgess Dabrowski, $1,005,000

168 Kingston St Unit 168: Helen Colford LT and Helen Colford to Ann F. Mansfield, $365,500

148 Main St Unit O503: Feh NT and Christian G. Heiter to John D. and Maureen R. Breslin, $290,000

65-67 Maple Ave: Mamft RT LLC to Terence J. Hermans, $770,000

166 Salem Street: Tilson Marine FT and Jennifer Tilson-Marin to Donald Felt and Stacey Williamson, $1,350,000

1925 Salem Street: Amy M and Joshua M. Peters to Britney Allen, $750,000

2 Walker Road Unit 4: Alexandria Sahtoris to Alexander E. Anoli, $235,000

9 Walker Rd Unit 11: John Robleski to Eric and Sherri Leeman, $285,000

45 Wellington Way: Daniel J and Joyce C. McQue to Joshua M and Amy M. Peters, $1,300,000

north reading

4 Mount Vernon St: Stephen C. and Jacqueline A. Iannessa to Laura and Collin Bantle, $950,000

37 Mount Vernon Street: Jodi A. Bebchick to Onyx Properties LLC and Billy Baru Const LLC, $525,000

216 North St: Affordable Hm Soln LLC to Chung Y. and Kaity Wong, $1,565,000

193 Park St: Kevin M. and Susan D. Gill to Brian E. and Stephanie A. Gill, $760,000

408 Park St: James J Maloney IRT and Brett J. Maloney to Christopher Maloney, $500,000


83 Elm Street: Elm 83 RT and Bruce E. Rines to Jake George 83 LLC, $345,000

40 Lafayette Rd Unit 2: H&M Industries Inc to Lauren J. Smith, $432,050