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08 June 2022

“Flow” by Mad Yansung at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in Japan. Photo by Yuki Tadokoro

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Ma Yansong reinvents the “light tunnel” in the new Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale.

Ma Yansong, Principal Partner of MAD Architects, revealed his latest artwork “Flow” at the recently opened 8th Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. Taking place this summer in Japan, the installation is recreating a portion of the “Tunnel of Light” artwork completed in 2018. Through a series of immersive platforms, engineers have drawn in and captured the spirit of the Kyoto River, providing visitors with an immersive and dynamic spatial experience. The Triennale hopes to improve the local economy through art, and to foster a more harmonious relationship between man and nature.” [H/T ArchDaily]

Amazon Fashion has been named a presenting partner for the CFDA Fashion Awards.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America prepares for the annual CFDA Fashion Awards, which begin November 7 at Casa Cipriani. This year, the board announced an all-new partnership with Amazon Fashion, the party’s newest presenting partner. This time around, the fashion world will celebrate more than just the opening of a new class of innovative thinkers in the industry, but also the 60th anniversary of the founding of CFDA. The 2022 Awards Show will be hosted by CFDA members Joseph AltuzarraAnd the Gabriella HearstAurora James, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCullough. [H/T Hypebeast]

The former president of the Whitney Museum, Warren Kanders, has not disposed of tear gas.

Warren B. Kanders, who resigned from the board of directors of the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2019 after protests against his company’s sale of tear gas, continues to work in the chemical weapons business despite announcing he was leaving. According to an investigation by InterceptRather than strip his company Safariland of the divisions that sell tear gas, Kanders said, the military supplies tycoon has rearranged his properties instead.” [H/T The Art Newspaper]

“Model statement” by Gaggenau at Milan Design Week. Photo courtesy of Gaggenau

Gaggenau organizes a culinary setup inside Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan.

During Milan Design Week, Gaggenau welcomes architects, designers and professionals to an interactive culinary experience called A Statement of Form. The installation is as if an exposed kitchen pavilion finds its home within the glass interior of Villa Necchi Campiglio, where visitors wander, experience culinary excellence and notice design innovation. The structure unites the main qualities of the German brand, blending form and function with high-quality on-site hardware.Everything that goes into creating and completing their products is exposed and disassembled for all to appreciate: precision from raw ingredients to the kitchen, heritage, craftsmanship through progressive innovation, materiality as important, and home as space entertainment for the future.” [H/T Designboom]

RealReal founder Julie Wainwright has resigned as CEO and President.

“RealReal founder Julie Wainwright is stepping down as CEO, President and CEO of the company, effective with immediate effect. The Board of Directors has appointed Rati Sahi Levesque, RealReal President and Chief Operating Officer, as well as Robert Julien, CFO of the retailer, as Interim Co-CEO, effective today Tuesday.The news comes as the luxury retailer continues to suffer from widening quarterly losses, even as high-quality sales grow.In May, the retailer reported a loss of $57.4 million, despite a 48.5 percent rise in revenue in cent”. [H/T WWD]

Image courtesy of PES

Pace is realizing Web3’s ambitions by partnering with Art Blocks for the generative NFT platform.

“The stagnation in crypto is not slowing Pace Web3’s ambitions. The Blue Chip Gallery has announced a partnership with Art Blocks, a leader in generative art, NFT, in an effort that promises to give each organization access to very different university bases. Art Blocks is founded by Eric Calderon. In 2020 after years of trying to launch his new idea: the NFT platform tailored to meet the needs of established artists.” [H/T ARTnews]

Product design company Whipsaw has won five Red Dot Awards for its clients including Uber.

Whipsaw, the global innovative product design and innovation company specializing in industrial design, engineering, strategy and digital design, is celebrating five new wins with the internationally recognized Red Dot Award. Whipsaw and its customers Uber, TP-Link, Tile and Midea have received recognition for their unique, intelligent and intuitive aesthetic solutions that communicate with users, demonstrating exceptional quality and advanced innovative technologies. Red Dot is known worldwide for honoring the best in design and business.” [Press Release]

Image courtesy of Sabai

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