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Through land planning, development, engineering and design, Dream Design International helps bring change and growth to Rapid City and the Black Hills region with new infrastructure, housing and commercial space. An industrial park with rail and highway access is even being built to house manufacturing and technology companies. Medical facilities for residents and veterans are also under construction, providing more residents with access to healthcare. A total of 1,800 acres are currently being developed.

This massive project is a community partnership with local businesses and government and civic agencies, with the aim of addressing the housing shortage, diversifying the economy to create more jobs and improving infrastructure and access to basic services.

Dream Design was founded by architect, structural developer and civil engineer Hani El Shafei in 1998. He takes pride in being a community builder in the Rapid City area where his company is headquartered. During the planning process at Dream Design, the team takes into account the needs of the community. For example, as part of the 1,800-acre development plan, he built affordable housing units.

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“We had a couple who came into the office after they moved into their house, and they thanked us in tears,” said Shafei, who is president and CEO of Dream Design. “This was the first time they were able to buy a home, and it really means a lot to us. We are trying to meet the needs of the community from a social, economic and long-term infrastructure perspective.”

For details on what Dream Design is building, read on to learn about the new residential, commercial, and defense projects under development in Rapid City and the Black Hills.

Three affordable housing projects

Shepherd Hills is a 700-acre subdivision that features affordable housing, first-class apartments, commercial, retail and community spaces for adults aged 55 and over.

Located at the southern end of Shepherd Hills, Diamond Ridge is a 120-acre residential development of affordable housing and manpower. Single-family homes range in price from about $170,000 to $230,000.

Johnson Ranch, located off Elk Vale and Interstate 44 in southeast Rapid City, will include 60 affordable homes, nonprofits, essential services, and 15 acres of commercial development.

Living in downtown Rapid City

The four-story Kansas City Lofts complex is being built in downtown Rapid City. These affordable apartments are only available to people based on certain income levels. The units will be delivered in the form of one or two bedrooms, with retail space on the ground floor. Once KC Lofts is complete, young and low-income professionals can enjoy downtown living just steps away from shops and restaurants.

Military housing, VA clinic, mixed-use government facility and more in progress

We work with the army. One of our projects is a veterans clinic that we are building and renting to the Department of Veterans Affairs. “We have another project next to Ellsworth Air Force Base, which has a new mission for B-21 bombers to come out soon. It is called Liberty Plaza.”

Buffalo Crossing is an 80-acre mixed-use development that includes a veteran outpatient clinic and long-term care facility. The new major medical facilities are designed for military families and local residents to get closer healthcare so they don’t have to travel outside the area to meet their medical needs.

Liberty Plaza is a 110-acre mixed-use development with military housing, a community center, service personnel training facility, and a new B-21 hangar.

“We are in the process of creating a new downtown for the community next to the military base,” Al-Shafei said. It will be closed, and families who live here can walk downtown from their homes. In North Rapid City, there is also a 100,242-square-foot complex of government agency offices.

commercial projects

The Dakota Market Square will revitalize what was once an abandoned shopping center into a thriving 185,000-square-foot retail complex in one of Rapid City’s busiest corners, on Campbell Street and East North. The complex is undergoing major renovations, parking re-equipment, mechanical updates and landscaping. Expect a whole new look.

North Valley Park is an industrial area with warehouses for small shops such as welding and woodworking workplaces. North Valley Park spans 52 acres, located just 1-90 south.

Mixed-use project planned on land near the airport

Orchard Meadows is a mixed-use development with plenty of green space and a 1.5-mile walking path around the subdivision. This project will feature 100 single-family homes and more than 100 townhouses, first-class apartments and commercial spaces.

Luxury homes overlooking the valley are coming too

Scotland Hills includes large residential areas overlooking the city and valley. This upscale 120-acre development is located one mile from the area’s hospitals. Buyers can buy a lot, then build custom homes here and enjoy a luxury community close to amazing wildlife.

All projects are under development. For more information and updates from Dream Design International, visit

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