Meet the ‘OC Sale’ team and see their Instagram photos

    Members of the Oppenheim Group have caused quite a stir over the past few days. Between big wins at the MTV Movie Awards and new teasers for sell OCThere was a lot to keep up with. Luckily , women’s health Have you covered with a deep dive into the upcoming much needed cast sunset sale spin off.

    The first sneak peek of the new show was given on Sunday evening, leaving fans craving *all* tea. But before everyone else goes ahead, let’s slow down and quickly determine who he is. The new team consists of 11 real estate agents (men and women) ready to close big deals on larger-than-life properties.

    If you’re ready to start investing in your next Netflix show worth watching, read on to learn more about the cast and their Instagrams.

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    Alexandra “Alex” Hall “lives in heaven selling OC,” according to her Instagram bio. The agent has a background in interior design, which is likely to give her a leg up when it comes to organizing luxury homes.

    Instagram: @alexhall_o.c

    Brandi Marshall started working for the Oppenheim Group just under a year ago. The mother-of-two and former PR executive took to Instagram to celebrate her new job.

    “My new home away from home!! Excited to officially share this over the summer, I’ve taken an important step to the Oppenheim Collection in Newport!!” I wrote. “I am delighted to take my real estate career to the next level…”

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    33-year-old Kayla Cardona is originally from Orange County and is determined to make big deals this season. According to her profile on Oppenheim’s website, she began working with Zillow’s top-rated team before becoming an award-winning agent in the top 1% of her company.

    When she’s not sharing her latest list on social media, she posts pictures of her workouts, friends, and 15-year-old son, Jordan.

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    Polly Brindle was born and raised in England before moving to the United States after being unveiled for a modeling show at the age of fifteen. Her profile at the Oppenheim Group says that she fell in love with architecture while living in different countries across Europe.

    Upon announcing the show, she told her followers, “She did something…oh, and she has a cute puppy named Moose that she rescued.

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    According to his social media, Sean is bouncing between OC, Miami, and Los Angeles. And as much as he loves posting pictures with his friends, he has also been involved in the recent deals he made in the retail space.

    Announcing the offer, he wrote in his letter, “Get ready! We are taking the ‘sale’ to the coastal haven of Orange County.” “OC soon to be sold to netflix #SellingTheOC 🌴.”

    Sean went to the University of Florida and worked at Sotheby’s and Coldwell Banker before joining the O Group, LinkedIn says.

    Instagram: @Sean.palmieri

    Lauren Britto describes herself as “your local girl” (in every sense of the word). She has a lot to get excited about these days as she prepares to tie the knot with her fiancé. She recently shared some pictures from her wedding, and they are So Attractive.

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    Tyler Stanaland, who describes himself as an “ocean dweller,” is a man of many talents. When he’s not selling homes, he’s chasing waves. grown ups. One look at his Instagram, and you’ll see how much he loves being in the water.

    Tyler came from a long line of realtors (five generations!) and grew up working in the family brokerage alongside his father, according to his O Group profile.

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    Alexandra Next: Originally from Alabama, Alexandra Jarvis wears many hats. On top of being a real estate agent, she also works as a model and lawyer. Sheesh!

    She told her followers, “This was such a fun secret to keep!” “We’re taking ‘selling’ to the Orange County coast.”

    Alexandra attended Auburn University for undergraduate study and UCSD Irvine Law School, according to her O-group profile. She has a wedding coming up too!

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    Austin Victoria doesn’t just sell homes. He is also a model for Wilhelmina and the father of twin girls Lilah and Hazel.

    In a post to celebrate the new series, he wrote, “Big congratulations to Jason and our amazing cast and crew. This was a wild ride and I don’t want to do it with anyone else! Love your dream team LFG!!! 🔥🔥🔥.

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    Meet Alexandra #3: Alexandra Rose brings her finance and economics degree to the front lines of the Orange County real estate game. According to the Oppenheim Group, it brought in nearly $100 million in sales during its first four years in business.

    While she spent her high school years in Dallas, Texas, Alexandra was excited to go back to her California roots and sell some homes, her profile says.

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    If there is one person in this new acting who can truly Appreciate a good suit, it’s a sweet gio. This dealer also loves his motorcycles. TBH, I wouldn’t be surprised if we caught him taking it to get into his rosters on the show.

    Jio has an artistic side, too. He was the producer of an award-winning documentary, according to his O Group bio.

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