Nick Bell for joining the Celebrity Apprentice

    The celebrity novice The boardroom looms on the horizon for a new batch of celebrities as they prepare to use their business intelligence — and a little black book of contacts — to raise money for the charities of their choice. Under the watchful eye Lord Alan Sugar And Janine AliceCelebrities will be mentored by a new advisor this year.

    Nick Bell He launched his first digital marketing company in 2008 – fast to date and has built 12 successful global digital agencies across Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

    With a resume that includes Corporate Front Page, Appscore, Removify, Lisnic, Primal, Chili Bell and named in the annual magazine Australian Financial Audit Young Rich List five times, he has a lot to bring to the board of directors.

    Mediaweek I spoke to Bill about the intervention celebrity novice And what does Lord Sugar really look like before the season premiere Sunday, May 22, at 7:00 PM on Channel Nine and 9 Now.

    “I actually got a message via LinkedIn asking if I was interested in joining the show. I thought, Is this real? Is it a joke or a scam?” Bell says. “I answered the message and made a call. I had a good chat with the team, and realized no, it’s actually a legitimate opportunity.

    I always watched the show – I’ve seen the American part, parts of the UK, and the Australian part. I thought, “Let’s get involved.” “

    Sitting alongside two veterans celebrity novice Professionals, Bell says he was hoping to bring something a little different to the boardroom.

    “Everyone is unique and different in their own way. Lord Sugar is very strong in electronics and property, Janine in retail, and my strength is in digital – so I was hoping to bring a little more digital into the conference room. “

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    Nick Bell, Lord Alan Sugar, and Janine Alice

    Bell says expert subjects weren’t the only differences between advisors.

    “I’m more direct with my opinions, while Janine has been a lot softer with her style. I definitely learned a lot from Janine.”

    “So you have Lord Sugar who is very direct, and he says how he is. So it was an interesting combination.

    Lord Sugar said to me once ‘Stop stressing, you’ll be fine, we can try again if you stuff it.’ This is the only advice he’s given me for two and a half months.

    “The thing about Lord Sugar is that it’s straightforward as hell, what you see is what you get, but once you know it is pretty dumb. I called myself a sugar whisper! Once that tough facade is shattered, he is actually a very kind human being.”

    As with any production going on at the moment, Bell says Covid has caused some bumps in the road.

    “Warner Brothers was very strict about mask wearing and testing – two or three times a week we were all tested. If you weren’t injured, you couldn’t attend, so there were challenges for some people who turned down the process.

    “Warner did a great job in terms of navigating Covid. There were certain things they couldn’t do in the two and a half months, but they made it work.”

    celebrity novice

    Rookie Celebrity Cast 2022

    Biel also had to maintain a physical distance from the show’s competing celebrities – but for once, it wasn’t due to Covid restrictions.

    “The first day when we first spoke with the celebrities, I went to shake hands with them and said, ‘Hey guys, I’m Nick, nice to meet you.’ The producers came over and grabbed me and ‘You can’t call them, they have to see you with great respect. There was very little contact with celebrities.

    “Janine and I spend a lot of time together and celebrities spend a lot of time together. Our job is to give advice and critique what they do, so it was purely business.”

    What do viewers expect from the show?

    There is a lot of drama. There are a lot of tears. I’ll be honest with you, there were some quarrels too‘ says Bell.

    Entering the show, I thought the narration might be a bit contrived – it wasn’t. It’s totally raw, it’s totally real, and what you see is what you get. Everyone is fighting for first place and everyone wants to win, so they are very competitive. They don’t leave anything on the table, they strive for the prize and are ready to throw each other under the bus for it.”