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03 June 2022

Antares Barcelona by Studio Odile Deck. Photo by Fernando Guerra

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Odile Decq designed every last detail of Antares Barcelona, ​​her first ever skyscraper.

World-renowned French architect Odile Deck has announced the completion of the much-anticipated construction of Antares Barcelona. Representing her first residential project in the Spanish city, the unique structure stands out against the skyline thanks to its dramatic aesthetics. The bold tower contains 89 residences, each with spacious terraces, sea views, and access to resort-style amenities.” [H/T Designboom]

The fashion industry’s adoption of new technology does not mitigate its environmental impact.

“The fashion industry is often accused of ignoring new technology, then embracing it as it becomes mainstream (and sometimes claiming to have been forward-looking innovators all along). This is certainly the case with web3, where many brands have been involved in NFT, metaverse activations and currencies. cryptocurrency, but analysts now suspect that leading luxury brands are quietly building virtual worlds to launch into the metaverse when the timing is right. When it comes to new tools to mitigate fashion’s impact on the environment, that tipping point is always on the horizon.” [H/T Business of Fashion]

Rehabilitation of the Manama Post Office by Anne Holtrop Studio. Photo by Maxime Delvaux/Aga Khan Trust for Culture

This year’s Aga Khan Award for Architecture is announcing a shortlist of 20 projects.

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) has announced 20 projects shortlisted for its 2022 awards cycle. Competing for the US Million Dollar Prize, one of the largest awards in the field of architecture, 20 architectural projects located in 16 different countries have been selected by a major jury From a pool of 463 projects nominated for the 15th Prize Cycle (2020-2022). The jury, which includes Anne Lacaton, Frances Kerry, Nader Tehrani, and Amal Andraos, will meet again this summer to examine on-site reviews and determine the final award winners.” [H/T ArchDaily]

Sales of Johnny Depp’s Dior perfume, Sauvage, soared during the defamation trial.

“The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had unexpected side effects. According to data from Hey Discount, demand for Dior’s Sauvage, which Depp represents his face, was booming in the weeks since the trial began. In just a month, searches on Google increased for The cologne increased by 48 percent, up from 823,000 searches in March to 1.2 million in April, the month the experiment began. Starting the experiment, it reached 209 million views and thus became the most watched cologne on the app.” [H/T WWD]

Hannah Frieze “High and Dry” in 2019 Frieze Los Angeles

Frieze Los Angeles transfers from the Beverly Hilton to Santa Monica Airport.

Frieze Los Angeles has announced a new location for 2023. The action is heading further west, past its last home in Beverly Hills to Santa Monica. The art fair has announced that its next edition in Los Angeles, February 16-19, 2023, will take place at Santa Monica Airport. The construction will include a central gallery tent—again designed by Why Architecture’s Kulapat Yantrasast with landscape director Mark Thoman—and “additional revitalizations” surrounding it, such as the Frieze Projects program for outdoor art installations and a division housing local nonprofits. Last February, Frieze Los Angeles moved from her previous home at Paramount Pictures Studios to a tent next to the Beverly Hilton.” [H/T Los Angeles Times]

UOVO is expanding its offering by acquiring a Garde Robe wardrobe maintenance service.

UOVO, a fine art and collections storage and services company, has acquired Garde Robe, a museum-quality wardrobe storage and preservation service, and is expanding it to South Florida with a luxury clothing storage facility in West Palm Beach as part of UOVO’s renewed commitment to the South Florida region. Garde Robe is UOVO’s consumer fashion division, serving fashion collectors, fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers and designers through luxury wardrobe management. The new West Palm Beach facility provides peace of mind for many area residents who own multiple homes and want reassurance that their clothing remains safe throughout hurricane season and the rest of the year. [Press Release]

Artist rendering of OSAM-1 approaching Landsat 7. Image provided by NASA

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NASA is testing a robotic spacecraft It can repair orbiting satellites.

Mapping technology helped reveal the extension Amazon Cities Wasted time.

Bay Area Bakery is closed down and down mochi dumplings.

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