POWERHOUSE DUO ANNIE SELKE & Mary Flanigan unveil new partnership

This exclusive collection combines traditional and timeless elegance with modern elements for a sophisticated and attractive look. Marie’s signature palette of plush neutrals paired with subtle textures can be seen throughout an assortment of 45 handcrafted rugs, exquisite beds, plush decorative pillows, and chic accessories – all designed by Houston An original with its trademark blend of everyday sophistication and innovative simplicity.

“Having been in the design business for over a decade, I’ve noticed a constant thread in the types of textiles I’ve drawn to but have always had a hard time finding the right pieces,” Mary Flanigan. “I dreamed of making my own rugs, bedding, and pillows that could fill in the gap between what I was trying to get and what was actually available.” It is better to help make these dreams come true Annie Silk With nearly thirty years of experience crafting high quality elegant home decor. The pairing was inconsequential for Flanigan. “When I was looking for a creative partner, I knew Annie would be a natural fit. As an entrepreneur, she is an inspiration to countless designers, myself included, and it’s a huge privilege to work with and learn from her.”

for Annie SilkThe admiration was mutual. “When I got to know Marie’s work, I was immediately drawn to her aesthetics. She created a distinctive look that is capable of being classic, modern, elevated, and quietly luxurious all at the same time,” notes Selke. “As a trained architect, she is adept at proportion and balance, both of which are important to great interior design. Plus, her attention to detail is extraordinary – not hard, but exquisite! All the pieces in this collection truly reflect her personality and feature a wonderful mix of constructions that look sophisticated! But it’s incredibly practical.”

With a comprehensive palette of creamy oatmeal, rich caramel, and crisp white punctuated by dusty pinks, ocean blues, and forest greens, the accessible luxury collection is packed with products that fit a range of settings and can easily be combined in a range of different styles—a particularly exciting factor for Flannigan. “It’s always a pleasure to see how other people interpret your pieces and incorporate them into their own designs!”

The collection will be launched in September 2022. For news and wholesale inquiries, please visit annieselke.com/marieflanigan. For a sneak peek of Annie and Marie themselves, check out our Instagram Live over here.

About Annie Selke companies, including Pine Cone Hill bedding and Dash & Albert rugs: In 1994, Annie Silk Pine Cone Hill bedding started on her dining room table in Richmond, Massachusetts. After more than twenty-five years, the company employs more than 220 employees (50 of whom reside in India) and maintains a 179,000-square-foot headquarters, built around an 1863 wool mill that produced uniforms and blankets for Union soldiers during the Civil War. The campus includes extensive warehouses, a product design lab, an art and textile archive, a photo studio, and marketing, finance, and customer service teams.

Annie started Dash & Albert, a brand that specializes in handcrafted cotton and wool rugs, in 2004, and the rugs quickly made their way onto the covers of countless magazines and into the Obama White House.

Her rugs and upholstery are sold by over 6000 premium retailers worldwide, including Garnet Hilland Sundance and luxury e-commerce retailer Perigold. In 2016, Annie launched a direct-to-consumer catalog that reaches millions of consumers annually.

Annie has degrees in textile sciences from University of Vermont In buying and promoting from Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2010, she was named Small Business Person of the Year in Massachusetts, and in 2017 she created the 33 Maine luxury lodge in her hometown, Lennox, Massachusetts Delivering a brand immersion experience to consumers.

Around Mary Flanigandirector of Marie Flanigan Interiors: Mary Flanigan is an award-winning interior designer whose passion and accomplishments in design have made her one of the top designers in the country. As a classically trained and practicing architect, Marie unlocks a unique level of depth through her mutual consideration of interior and structure; Their homes reveal the magic that materializes when they create each other to augment the other.

Her brand’s style is illustrated by the sophisticated use of colour, texture and light, and each home she designs receives her personal signature of timeless elegance and innovative simplicity. Her outstanding designs can be seen in luxury homes and commercial spaces across the country, and her work and expertise has been featured in major publications and websites including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Vogue, Southern Living, Domino, Traditional Home, Elegant Homes, Southern Home, and Luxe Magazine. . She regularly shares her styling and lifestyle tips with TV audiences, including her latest role on the internationally broadcast HGTV series, Property Brothers: Brother vs. Brother.


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