Putting Nyxstar’s physical and mental fitness into question

    Julius Randle


    New York Knicks forward Julius Randle slides into the basket as D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns defend him on Jan. 18.

    No team has been affected more than the New York Knicks this season, and a lot of that stems from their captain and best player, most advanced player and all-star striker Julius Randle.

    In his third season with the club, he averaged 19.8 points, 10.0 rebounds, 5.2 rebounds, and his career worst 3.5 times, while hitting a run of 42/30/76.

    Randle’s future with the Knicks has been called into question at multiple intervals this season, including before the trade deadline, as he was rumored to be a target for the Sacramento Kings.

    But his recent actions, the ones that got him kicked out of New York’s recent loss – have made people in the NBA question his mental and physical health.

    It’s been kind of a season for the New York Knicks, who now sit in 13 games under .500 and are steadily falling out of the Eastern Conference playoff circuit with 19 games remaining.

    Randall’s “Public Self” Concern

    In his recent report to the New York Post, Mark Berman Conveying concerned sentiments about Julius Randle:

    Randle’s public psyche is a cause for concern within the Knicks organization, according to the NBA source.

    But he goes further than that – with his fitness at the start of bootcamp also in question:

    And the source said Randall didn’t come to training camp in the same thrilling fashion he did last season, prior to Tibodo’s first year in charge of the Knicks. Perhaps that prevented him from being the two-way player — giving energy to either side of the ball — as he was during his sophomore season for the All-NBA.

    Randle’s withdrawal this season is increasingly difficult to explain unless you’re going to frame his 20202-2021 campaign as one success.

    But his body language alone seems like a manageable development.

    Randle has been at war with fans, coaching staff and league officials since the start of this season.

    He’s gone from giving Madison Square Garden fans a thumbs up in response to boos, to publicly criticizing the governors, to to avoid The media.

    It was the kind of season for Julius Rundle and the New York Knicks.

    This could lead to the dismissal of coach Tom Tebodeau.

    Knicks fans are calling for a change of training

    Just one year into a storied season as he led the New York Knicks back to the playoffs for the first time since 2013, Tom Thibodeau was on the hot seat.

    There is growing speculation that he could be left before the end of the season, and with only 19 games remaining, this would certainly be a major achievement.

    That sentiment was certainly endorsed by Knicks fans, who interpreted this latest Instagram story from Immanuel Quickley as a sign of the change coming:

    Next to the New York guard is assistant coach Jonny Bryant, who is supposed to be the next man in any situation where Tom Thibodeau is given the boot.

    He’s definitely a fan favorite if it would influence the Knicks decision.

    This becomes very clear based on the responses to Emmanuel Quikley’s story.

    a fan Tweet embed On Twitter he went so far as to assume he would replace Thibodeau under any circumstances:

    As he did many, many:

    While other fans love Tweet embed Take the opportunity to note Bryant’s presence on the sidelines during timeouts, as explained in Quickley’s post:

    Ironically, it was Julius Randle who has been the most vocal in defense of the New York Knicks coach.

    But given his standing with the franchise, it’s hard to see that means much to Tom Thibodeau’s job security.

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